Hillcrest, San Diego

Not all of you who log on to Mo's Universe are lucky enough to call San Diego home. But for those of us who do live in America's Finest City, it's safe to say that Hillcrest is the part of town that the gays tend to orbit around.

There are a lot of things about Hillcrest that make it unique- it has countless restaurants, dozens of salons, countless clothing boutiques, and nightlife that's second to none. So take a moment and click around. If you're an out-of-towner, Hillcrest World will help you get an idea of what gay San Diego has to offer. If you're local, maybe you'll notice a restaurant that you haven't been to before and might want to check out. Maybe there's a new drag night- maybe there's a new bear club. Maybe you'll find a club that's combining twink night and bear night and creating a whole new breed of gays called Care Bears. The possibilities are endless. So take your time, take a browse, and take notes- Hillcrest World is alive and constantly evolving- and you won't want to any of what it has to offer.