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New Music: Destiny’s Child – Nuclear

by: Taj | January 11th, 2013

When I first heard that the birth place of Beyonce (Destiny’s Child of course…) was releasing a new compilation album titled Love Songs which included a new previously unreleased track titled “Nuclear,” I practically spontaneously combusted into a mushroom cloud of excitement!! But when I actually got ahold of & listened to the new track today, my explosive excitement sputtered out like a wet wick and I was left with the suspicion that Beyonce just doesn’t want to release anything from her former girl-group that may outshine her own solo single which is due any day now. I mean, when I think Destiny’s Child I think “Say My Name” or “Loose My Breath” or “Survivor“… Not this bore-fest of a song with a dated 90’s beat sample.

Take a listen for yourself… Preferably before bed because it might put you to sleep.