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Kelly Rowland Says Matthew Knowles Doesn’t Decide Weather Destiny’s Child Reunites Or Not…

by: Taj | June 17th, 2010

Kelly Rowland is finally showing signs of ill will towards her former manager, Matthew Knowles. Matthew (Beyonce’s father) use to sabotage manage Kelly’s solo career which many industry insiders believed was the reason Kelly found moderate to little success on her own. She eventually fired him as her manager and not to anyone’s surprise, Kelly’s first project after “When Love Takes Over” became an international hit catapulting her career.

Flash forward till today, in a recent interview when Kelly was asked what she thought about Matthew recently stating in an interview that Destiny’s Child would never reunite, this is what the sassy diva had to say;

“Well, Mathew Knowles was not a member of Destiny’s Child so with all due repsect, that’s not a discission the he can make. It would be amungst myself, Beyonce and Michelle.”

You tell him Kelly… That devil man isn’t the boss of you anymore!!

Producer Rob Fusari Talks Gaga Beginnings & Beyonce Song Jacking…

by: Taj | February 28th, 2010

Here is a very interesting Billboard interview with Rob Fusari, the producer that had a huge hand in molding Lady Gaga into the superstar that she is today. I always find these “behind-the-story” type articles very fascinating. Rob also talks about his work with Beyonce and how she took credit for his work. (Big shocker!!!) Read all the juicy tid-bits after the jump…

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Michelle Williams FINALLY Fires Matthew Knowles (Beyonce’s Dad)…

by: Taj | January 13th, 2010

Today is a good day for Michelle Williams… The former Destiny’s Child band member has taken a huge step in furthering her career as a singer and has released an official statement announcing that she will no longer be managed by Matthew Knowles A.K.A. Beyonce’s father. It’s no secret that Matthew is notorious for shady business dealings and has been accused of playing bias towards his daughters career so this announcement has been a long time coming.

It was only last year that fellow Destiny’s Child member, Kelly Rowland, also fired Matthew as her manager and has scored some successful gigs since…. Including a collaboration with David Guetta called “When Love Takes Over” that has ended up one of her most successful singles to date. Michelle is already heading to Broadway to star in Chicago and I have a feeling we’ll all be hearing a lot more for her now that her ties to Matthew Knowles have been broken. Here is her official statement;

“After much prayer and consideration I have decided to part ways from my management team, Mathew Knowles and Music World Entertainment. From my time in Destiny’s Child to my solo career, I am grateful for everything Mathew and his team has done for me. We’ve shared great success together. However, as I move in a new direction in my career, I felt it was time. I wish Mathew Knowles and the Music World Entertainment family all the best.”

Rumor Has It: Beyonce’s Mom & Dad Divorcing…

by: Taj | December 18th, 2009

30 years after Mathew Knowles “put a ring on,” his wife Tina has supposedly had enough of being a “broken-hearted girl” and has filed for divorce in Houston. The soon to be ex couple had two children together; Beyonce and Solange Knowles and are both very involved in their children’s careers. Mathew act’s as his daughters manager while Tina takes on the roll of stylist/designer for the girls.

No word yet as to why Tina is sending Mathew “to the left” but it just might have something to do with a paternity suit that was filed against Mathew in October where a 30 year old mama-to-be claimed the he was the father of her unborn child. Hmmm… Call it a hunch but I’m guessing that’s the reason!

Destiny’s Child Song Stealing Lawsuit Settled In Court…

by: Taj | December 6th, 2009

Beyonce Knowels and her former girl-group, Destiny’s Child, had a big day in Chicago this weekend… They settled a lawsuit filed against the former mega-group in a federal courthouse over a song that a Chicago native, Rickey Allen, claims the girls stole from him. The song in question was the DC hit “Cater 2 U” which Allen claims that he wrote and recorded years ago (or a song VERY similar with the same name) and gave it to one of DC’s producers on a demo that he had recorded to promote himself. Well the two parties met in a Chicago’s federal courthouse this weekend to begin the proceedings for what was suppose to be an 8 day legal battle but the two parties ended up settling in house on day 1. Rickey Allen’s attorney released the following statement about the settlement;

“I can confirm that yes, it did settle,” said Matthew Wildermuth, the attorney for Rickey Allen, who filed a lawsuit against the group in 2006. The terms of the settlement are confidential.

“All of the issues have been amicably resolved and the case is going to be dismissed… [Allen is] excited about being able to devote time to posturing his musical career.”

The trial was to suppose to span over the entire week and would have forced the girls to appear every day in court which one member of the group, Kelly Rowland, was not too happy about and was placing the blame on Beyonce’s father for the illegal song snatching. According to the New York Daily News, a source close to Kelly says that the diva was furious over the lawsuit…

“Kelly is furious that she and former DC cohorts Beyoncé and Michelle Williams have to head to Chicago on Tuesday to face a copyright-infringement lawsuit for their song “Cater 2 U”… Kelly isn’t happy having to fight these allegations. She feels as though this is just another mess that Matthew (Bayonce’s father) got them into while only trying to serve the sole interest of his daughter.”

A Knowles attorney couldn’t be reached to comment on the settlement just of yet…

PS… Thank u “MsFairness” for informing me about the settlement.

Beyonce Stole Her Hit Song…?

by: Taj | November 4th, 2008

Just when I was starting to remotely like Beyonce… news has been surfacing that her hot new hit that she supposedly co-wrote, “If I Were a Boy,” was “stolen” from a 21 year old, San Diego based singer/song writer named, BC Jean. Supposedly, BC co-wrote the song with producer, Toby Gad, and featured it on her website way before Beyonce’s people knew it existed. She apparently didn’t even know that Beyonce was remotely interested in the song let alone had already recorded it before she was approached by Beyonce’s people. B.C.’s mother/manager has made some statements that even accuse Beyonce’s manager/father, Matthew Knowles, of “strong arming” them to obtain publishing rights to the track.

I decided to get to the bottom of these storied and wrote BC personally on her Myspace page asking her to comment on the rumors. She responded with a simple, “Unfortunately I am not allowed to discuss legally sorry about that,” followed by a typed frownie face. To me, this means that there IS a legal matter at hand which leads me to believe that the bitchy Beyonce stories are true!! I mean, come on… if everything was legit, BC would have had something more to say other than the “no comment” that she basically gave me.

Plus, Beyonce and her father are NOTORIOUS for shady business dealings when it come to her career. Remember the revolving door of band mates in her girl group, Destiny’s Child? All of the departing members had nothing but harsh words to say about Beyonce and her shady stage dad.

And this is not the first time Beyonce has been accused of claiming someone else’s work as her own. Her hit “Irreplaceable” was actually written by R&B superstar Ne-Yo, but Beyonce was trying to pass it off as her own before Ne-Yo set the record straight in numerous interviews. She then did some back peddling and said that she did co-write the song with Ne-Yo and he deserves some credit for that. According to Ne-Yo however, he wrote the song way before Beyonce came along. As a matter of fact, he wrote it with someone else completely in mind… he originally intended for “Irreplaceable” to be recorded as a country song and had Faith Hill or Shania Twian in mind for the song.

Shame on you, Beyonce! I just hope she doesn’t try to blame this new song scandal on her new “diva” alter-ego, Sasha Feirce. Check out both versions of “If I Were a Boy” below…

Beyonce – If I Were a Boy:

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BC Jean – If I Were a Boy:

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