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Remix Treatment: Michael Jackson Ft. Justin Timberlake – Love Never Felt So Good (David Morales, Eric Kupper’s Frankie Knuckles Tribute Remix)

by: Taj | June 6th, 2014

Despite having a ridiculously long title and remix credit… This classic throwback remix of MJ & JT’sLove Never Felt So Good is the perfect treatment for the fun mid-tempo song! David Morales & Eric Kupper produced this one in the style of Frankie Knuckles as tribute to the late DJ legend! What a perfect way to pay homage to Frankie… The remix is amazing and they nailed his classic sound! Check it out…

Michael Jackson Ft. Justin Timberlake – Love Never Felt So Good (David Morales, Eric Kupper Frankie Knuckles Classic Remix)

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Update: So the ridiculously long artist/song name & remix credit has gotten a little bit longer. So apparently it’s this;

Michael Jackson Ft. Justin Timberlake – Love Never Felt So Good (David Morales, Eric Kupper & PETER “SKI” SCHWARTZ’ Frankie Knuckles Classic Remix)

Thanks ‘ThaDeal’ for the heads up! 😉

Video Premiere: Michael Jackson Ft. Justin Timberlake – Love Never Felt So Good

by: Taj | May 15th, 2014

Justin Timberlake and a gaggle of dancers pay tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson in the music video for the new collaboration single “Love Never Felt So Good“. The feel good dance vid which features  imagery from some of MJ’s most iconic music videos is a perfect accompaniment to the song. And I honestly couldn’t have though of a better artist other than JT to have the honor of be featured alongside Michael on this album! What are you waiting for?! Press play!

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Remix Treatment: Michael Jackson – Love Never Felt So Good (Kue’s Studio 54 Mix)

by: Taj | May 7th, 2014

The first remix of the new Michael Jackson record “Love Never Felt So Good” has recently surfaced! It’s a funky little filtered disco version produced by DJ Kue! Not a full on vocal mix or a peak hour raged… But it’ll get the groove going on the dance floor none the less while we’re waiting for some more proper remixes!!

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And just in case you haven’t heard the original Justin Timberlake duet version…

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New Music: Justin Timberlake – TKO

by: Taj | September 20th, 2013

Oh Justin Timberlake… What happened to you?! Nothing you release impresses me anymore. Take for example your latest single “TKO” which yet again just sounds like a rehash of some of your other singles. WHY OH WHY can’t you bring a new sound and why are you letting creeper Robin Thicke shit all over your single releases? I’m gonna give you one more chance and if things don’t get better on the next one, we’re breaking up!

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Video Premiere: Justin Timberlake – Take Back The Night

by: Taj | July 31st, 2013

So Justin Timberlake tries at his best Michael Jackson impersonation within the first 30 seconds of his new music video for “Take Back The Night” and I immediately lost interest. It’s bad enough the song sounds just like an old MJ number, but it’s almost as if JT made this song & video as an attempt to remind us of all the Michael Jackson comparisons that he would get a lot of earlier career. Love Justin, but you’re no MJ! Oh and then there’s the faux zipper-vest shirt he’s wearing… Don’t even get me started on that! Check out the video if you can make it through more if it than I can…

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New Music: Justin Timberlake – Take Back The Night

by: Taj | July 15th, 2013

I have had a crazy busy weekend here in San Diego so I apologize for being a few days late on this one… Justin Timberlake is back with a brand new Michael Jackson-esque single titled “Take Back The Night“. The new tune will serve as the lead single from JT’s part II of The 20/20 Experience album which is set to be released on Sept. 30th. While I’m liking this one  a whole lot better than his previous lead single “Suit & Tie,” I still haven’t heard anything from Justin’s current catalogue that is worth getting excited over. Take a listen and let me know what you think about the new Timberlake

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Video Premiere: Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

by: Taj | March 20th, 2013

Justin Timberlake has released an interesting new visual for his latest single “Mirrors” which at the beginning of the clip he dedicates to his grandparents, William and Sadie. (The dedication probably stems from the passing of Justin’s grandfather late last year) The video is a huge departure for the “Suit & Tie” singer and tells the story of a couple (his grandparents most likely) throughout a 3 generation timeline which seems to overlap at times thanks to the dream-like, funhouse slant of the vid. Justin doesn’t even make an appearance in his artistic tribute until more than 5 minutes into the Floria Sigismondi (“The Runaways”) directed music video.

I know a lot of my readers initially weren’t that crazy about this song, siting that it sounds too much like a 3rd sequel to “Cry My a River” after “What Goes Around… Comes Around“… But I’m wondering if this creative and stunningly produced visual might change your minds? I must say that I found myself watching intently through the entire 8-minute-plus short film to follow the story of these characters in J.T.’s video tribute! That really says a lot since I have the attention span of about 20 seconds with the quality of music videos that are released these days.

Take a look at “Mirrors” and tell me if Justin is back in your good graces after the snore fest of “Suit & Tie“…

[youtube uuZE_IRwLNI]

Listen To Justin Timberlakes “The 20/20 Experience” Album…

by: Taj | March 11th, 2013

Fresh off the heals of his SNL stint this weekend, Justin Timberlake has releases a full stream of his forth-coming The 20/20 Experience album on iTunes!! After skimming through the record, I think it’s safe to say that Justin is going for a more mature r&b sounds on this one which might disappoint a lot of his fans that are looking to good ol’ JT to bring an upbeat dance-pop anthem to the table such as “Sexy Back” or “Dance With Me“! I need to listen to this album in full a few more times and give it a chance but for now I think I’ll just stick to my Robin Thicke CD for the baby-making music!


The 20/20 Experience

1. Pusher Love Girl
2. Suit & Tie (ft. Jay-Z)
3. Don’t Hold the Wall
4. Strawberry Bubblegum
5. Tunnel Vision
6. Spaceship Coupe
7. That Girl
8. Let the Groove Get In
9. Mirrors
10. Blue Ocean Floor

Video Premiere: Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie

by: Taj | February 15th, 2013

Justin Timberlake is bring classy back with his just released music video for “Suit & Tie“! I know a lot of you are not on board with this song and I’m pretty certain this black & white music video will not help that in any way! Still worth giving it a gander just in case….

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New Music: Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

by: Taj | February 11th, 2013

On the heels of his highly anticipated Grammys performance, Justin Timberlake has just releases a new track lifted off of his The 20/20 Experience album called “Mirrors“! The new song is a mid-tempo pop ditty suited for radio play and will definitely please some of his fans that he may have lost with “Suit & Tie“. I’m personally already feeling this one a lot more than his debut single…

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New Music: Justin Timberlake Ft. Jay-Z – Suit & Tie

by: Taj | January 13th, 2013

Justin Timberlake’s ridiculously too long music hiatus is officially over! Check out his new single “Suit & Tie” featuring Jay-Z and tell me if you feel it was worth that wait…


UPDATE/MY REVIEW: I was at work when I posted the song yesterday so I couldn’t really listen to it and give a proper review. Now that I have had some time to listen and sit with it I can tell you that this was NOT the comeback single I was expecting. It’s a nice, easy/breezy r&b jam but nothing that’s going to make me want to run out and by the new album if it were available today. I’m hoping this is just a “buzz” single and they real show-stopper will follow shortly after but I’m pretty sure that isn’t the case. The good news is that while the song hasn’t even been released for a full day yet, it has already sky-rocketed to #1 on iTunes. Will the song have the staying power to top the Billboard Hot 100 as well as some other prestigious charts?? Time will tell but I’m guessing the novelty of having a new Justin Timberlake single after 7 years will run out pretty fast and he’ll need to change into a new ensemble to keep our attention.


UPDATE: Justin Timberlake To Release New This SUNDAY!!

by: Taj | January 10th, 2013

Rumors were floating around earlier this week that Justin Timberlake was finally going to release a new single on Monday which supposedly also featured assistance by Beyonce, Jay-Z & his old time studio partner-in-crime, Timbaland! When the online rumblings came and went with Monday, some lost hope then just hours ago Justin himself tweeted the following message on his official Twitter which also prompted a response by Timbaland!

Could it be true?!! Has Justin finally crawled out his hyper-extended musical hiatus?!! And is he really dueting with Beyonce & Jay-Z?!! Guess we’ll find out tomorrow but it would make sense considering Beyonce is about to make her musical return as well just before her big stint with the Super Bowl. WAIT!! More importantly if this all pans out to be true, I think the bigger question to ask is… Will Justin make a cameo in Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance and permanently sabotage her career a-la the Janet Jackson nipple-gate fiasco?!! Can’t wait to find out…


Justin released this teaser video on his official website today in which he explains long musical hiatus and then proclaims that he’s “ready” at the end of the clip… The video then leads into a clock counting down which is set to expire on Sunday at midnight! Looks like we’re going to have to wait a few more days before we hear new music from Justin.

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“Nipplegate” Finally Over After Court Rules In Favor Of Janet Jackson…

by: Taj | November 3rd, 2011

Good news for Janet Jackson & CBS… It looks like the television network will NOT be fined $550,000 for Janet’s notorious 2004 ‘nipplegate’ wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl XXXVIII broadcast thanks to a ruling that was made today in an appeals court. Apperently, Philadelphia’s 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the FCC wrongly fined Jackson and the network for the half-time show performance in which Justin Timberlake exposed the singer’s boobie (yes, I said “boobie”) when he “accidentally” ripped her costume. This case has been in the courts for YEARS and after being argued for way too long has finally come to this final conclusion that sides with Janet & CBS, allowing them to FINALLY put the scandal to rest so everyone can move on and focus on more important things… Such as trying to predict what kind of controversy Madonna will stir up this year when she headline the half-time show this year with the help of M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj.

Justin Timberlake Buys Myspace…

by: Taj | June 30th, 2011


“Specific Media, the advertising network that today signed a deal to acquire Myspace, revealed this afternoon that Justin Timberlake is taking an ownership stake in the company as well, and will be playing a major role in developing the future strategy for Myspace.

He and Specific Media plan to unveil their vision for the Myspace at an “exclusive press conference” later this summer. No details were provided in the announcement made today, other than that they plan to make Myspace a “premiere digital destination for original shows, video content and music.”

“There’s a need for a place where fans can go to interact with their favorite entertainers, listen to music, watch videos, share and discover cool stuff and just connect,” said Timberlake in a statement announcing the move. “Myspace has the potential to be that place. Art is inspired by people and vice versa, so there’s a natural social component to entertainment. I’m excited to help revitalize Myspace by using its social media platform to bring artists and fans together in one community.”

So that answers the question as to whether music will remain a significant feature of Myspace under new ownership. While we’re still trying to determine the exact status of the Myspace Music joint venture and the licenses that allow Myspace Music to stream music for free, early indications are that nothing has changed. According to label sources with knowledge of the situation, the Myspace Music joint venture remains intact, with Specific Media simply taking on Myspace’s ownership stake in the division, and all music licensing will remain the same.

“It’s pretty much business as usual,” said one source.

Ironically, Timberlake portrayed early Facebook investor, advisor and president Sean Parker in the movie “The Social Network.” Now, it seems, he’s channeling that role into a real-life effort to reinvigorate the struggling Myspace service, which owes no small amount of its downfall to the rise of Facebook.

Seems like there’s a lot more story left out of Myspace after all.”

Justin Timberlake To Play Gay On “Cleveland Show”…

by: Taj | August 6th, 2010

Justin Timberlake will be lending his voice to an upcoming episode of The Cleveland Show to play a character named Paul – the big gay boyfriend of Terry. He will also be portraying a “singing bugger” in the episode… Now THAT offends me! I singing bugger?! What is the world coming to?!!! 😉

The episode will be airing sometime in February of 2011.