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DJ Taj Remix: Avicii vs Sick Individuals – Hey Brother (DJ Taj Mashup)

by: Taj | January 7th, 2014

ew this fun little Avicii/Sick Individuals mash together this past weekend for one of my gigs. I’m currently obsessed with Avicii’sHey Brother” and I’m always obsessed with everything Sick Individuals so bringing these two tracks together came together pretty naturally for me! Hope you like….

New Music: Avicii Ft. Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up

by: Taj | June 15th, 2013

World renown DJ/producer Avicii is back with an exciting new single that might throw some of you for a loop! His new Aloe Blacc assisted tune titled “Wake Me Up” brings the two worlds of dance and country music together into a very unique mashup of genres. Personally I am not a fan of most country music and lately I have been pretty bored with the EDM genre which seems to be stagnant at the moment, but I absolutely LOVE this new Avicii single! I think he was very smart to shake things up a little and taking a gamble on the unexpected! I foresee this becoming a massive hit for the summer…

Avicii Ft. Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up:

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Producer Avicii’s Work Computer Stolen!

by: Taj | January 5th, 2013

Yesterday Tim Bergling (Know to most as Avicii) took to his Twitter yesterday to inform his fans that his work computer has been stolen!! NOOOOOOOO!!! Apparently, the missing device contained project files for 8 new tracks that may never be heard because Avicii didn’t back up his work!! Duh! The kicker is that there is camera footage of the thief heisting the computer, but the person in question is denying he had anything to do with the robbery. (I bet it was that pesky Leona Lewis again!) Crossing my fingers Tim eventually gets his computer and hard work back!

Video Premiere: Avicii Ft. Salem Al Fakir – Silhouettes

by: Taj | June 15th, 2012

Wow… I must say that I am highly impressed with the subject matter that Avicii has decided to tackle with his latest music video for his new single “Silhouettes“. The superstar DJ/producer has very tastefully depicted the emotional transformation of a transgender female from her former male self! This is actually the second video he’s released for the song… The first being more of a promotional clip of him DJing some of his major recent gigs. This version takes the song and its lyrics to a whole new level…

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Video Premiere: Avicii Ft. Salem Al Fakir – Silhouettes

by: Taj | April 25th, 2012

The current “it” producer/DJ at the moment Avicii has just released a new video this week for his single “Silhouettes” featuring vocalist Salem Al Fakir. The video is basically a montage of clips from some of his massive gigs. Avicii has definitely made a huge name for himself this year and will continue to trek on his road of success with the release this new single, I’m sure!

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New Music: Lenny Kravitz – Superlove (Avicii’s Space Remix)

by: Taj | April 4th, 2012

Lenny Kravitz has officially been escorted into to the EDM world by Avicii with awesome new this “Space” remix of “Superlove” – A track off of Lenny’s Black & White American album. Lenny’s soulful vocals always lend themselves perfectly for dance music! I’m crossing my fingers a full high quality version of this gets released/leaked/privately given to me privately (hint, hint) so that I can throw this into my sets! ;-)

Lenny Kravitz – Superlove (Avicii’s Space Remix):

DJ Taj Remix: Rihanna VS Avicii – We Found Love In Darkness (DJ Taj Remix)

by: Taj | February 9th, 2012

As promised, here’s the completed Rihanna/Avicii mashup I started months back but was holding out for a better quality acapella/instrumental file before finishing and unleashing onto the Interent. Thanks to some of my readers here on the blog such as Jay, Stefan, Chase, Derezzed & I was able to finish the mashup! So here you go, download away and please feel free to constructively critique the mix in the comments section as well as to share the link with your friends. I hope you enjoy “We Found Love In Darkness“.

Rihanna Ft. Calvin Harris VS Avicii – We Found Love In Darkness (DJ Taj Remix):




Need Your Help Finally Finishing My Rihanna/Avicii Mashup…

by: Taj | January 27th, 2012

So as some of you remember, a while back when Rihanna’sWe Found Love” first came out I was working on a mashup of the song with the instrumental of Avicii’sFade Into Darkness“. (Which is also known as “Penguin” but his “Fade Into Darkness” instrumental is actually slightly different.) Anyhow, I somewhat completed it but had a pretty messy DIY acapella that wasn’t the best sound quality and was holding out for a better acapella before finally finishing it and releasing it on the blogosphere. I finally got a better acapella that I’m happy with but now I’m searching for a higher quality WAV version of the “Fade Into Darkness” instrumental to complete the mix. I found it for purchase on at this link but unfortunately due to license restrictions, I am not able to purchase it being that I am from the US. ;-( So I’m reaching out to my readers in hopes to find someone in the UK (or anywhere that doesn’t have a license restriction to buy this track) who can purchase the WAV file for me and send it to my email!! I would be willing to pay you back via Paypal if needed! If you would be willing to do this, please hit me up @ my personal emial: DJTAJ@AOL.COM!!! I appreciate it in advance (hopefully) :-)

PS… In case you didn’t hear what I was doing to the song, here’s a clip of an earlier version of the mashup using the low quality acapella and instrumental.

Rihanna Ft. Avicii – We Found Love In Darkness (DJ TAJ Mashup Sample):

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Video Premiere: Avicii – Levels

by: Taj | November 30th, 2011

FINALLY we  have an official music video for Avicii’s current (but kinda old) singe “Levels“.  Love this song and I have to say that I am quite impressed that this track is doing better on the Billboard Club Play chart than Flo Rida’sGood Feeling” (which is heavily based off of this track). Here’s hoping Avicii can finally pull of a #1 with this glorious dance number! Check it out…

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Stills From Leona Lewis’ “Collide” Music Video…

by: Taj | August 23rd, 2011

Here are some photo stills that have just surfaced of Leona Lewis’ new music video for her… Oh wait… Let me start over…

Here are some photo stills that have just surfaced of Leona Lewis & AVICII’s new music video for their new single “Collide“!! Leona looks flawless and Avicii looks… Well, he’s not in it… BUT Leona looks AMAZING!! The video is set to drop any day now. Can’t wait!!

Leona Lewis & Avicii Agree To Collaborate On “Collide”…

by: Taj | August 17th, 2011

Looks like Leona Lewis & Avicii have made some sort of agreement concerning her controversial single “Collide“. Avicii originally accused Leona’s new single of plagiarizing his song “Fade Into Darkness” and filed a suit in a London court to try to block the release of “Collide“. But the two sides avoided a trial by agreeing to “collaborate” on the song. Avicii took to his Twitter today to fans of the great news…

“Glad to FINALLY have resolved situation with Leona. Music is the answer!”

“We’ve finally come to an agreement with Leona on all the issues. So happy to move on and focus on hit making!”

“So happy to move on with Leona and focus on having a hit together.”

Something definitely smells fishy here since Leona and her label stated from the VERY BEGINNING that Avicii was involved and was getting credit as a producer on the track as well as a split from the money earned. Avicii & his label denied their claim however and went on to accuse Leona of lying and stated that they were not interested in being involved with “Collide” and only were only interested in releasing their song “Fade Into Darkness“. Now he’s “excited” for him and Leona to have a “hit together”??? Hmmm… It’s hard to hear his positive take on the situation considering all of the not-so-friendly Tweets that he made.

Even some of Avicii’s followers on Twitter were not so excited about this agreement with Leona and seemed a bit annoyed about the whole situation.

“Wow that only took a lot of name calling & a shit ton of bashing from too many DJ’s to list glad to see everyone was so proffesional” Wrote one follower while another criticized; “You don’t deserve to have credit after all stupid things that you said!”

Both sides of the controversy have kept quite about the details of the agreement so we may never know who was lying & who was telling the truth but at the end of the day I’m just happy Leona’s song is being released and this whole situation is behind us. CASE CLOSED!!!

Leona Lewis’ “Collide” Pulled From Radio For Copy Right Infringement…

by: Taj | August 9th, 2011

So it looks like the whole Leona Lewis/Avicii “song-stealing” controversy is really getting ugly. Leona has been forced to pull her new single “Collide” from radio playlists because Avicii has filed a copyright infringement complaint in a London court.

Both Leona & Avicii have taken to their twitter accounts when this controversy first hit the fan to defend their position on the issue. Leona says that she was told that Avicii was aware of her using the track and that he is getting compensation, but Avicii says he has no idea what she’s talking about. I go back and forth about the issue (leaning more towards Leona’s side) but I guess we should wait to see what transpires in the court system. Obviously one side is lying or there is a HUGE misunderstanding somewhere…. I guess I’m not going to take sides on the matter anymore until we actually hear some of the evidence if it actually goes to trial.

I know this topic has really sparked some tempers here on the blog in the past… I’m curious to see how you guys feel about the song being yanked from radio. I’m kinda bummed because I was really looking forward to a music video. Leona’s last album failed to impress on the charts and I really thought this song was going to put her back on the right track. Now I’m not so sure what’s going to happen. Do you think this controversy will hurt her chances at a comeback?

Leona Lewis Did Not Steal From Avicii…

by: Taj | July 19th, 2011

YouTube Direkt

Thanks to a little detective work by one of my readers (Dakis) we now have  a new twist to the Leona Lewis/Avicii song stealing controversy. (Don’t feel like going into great detail for those of you just tuning in… Just scroll below and read the last three posts but basically people where accusing Leona Lewis of stealing a piano riff for her new song from Swedish DJ/producer Avicii’s single titled “Penguin/Fade Into Darkness“. Turns out Avicii didn’t actually write the piano riff himself in the first place and lifted it for Penguin Cafe Orchestra’sPerpetuum Mobile“. (I had never heard that song before) So basically, both Leona & Avicii’s single’s sample the same song… That’s happened a million times before and as far as I’m concerned, Avicii shouldn’t be making a stink about this at all. I just don’t consider using the same “sample” idea as stealing… To me they’re both basically glorified mashups of the PCO track. Avicii didn’t write the orchestration so it’s not his to be so butt-hurt over. When I listen to both tracks side by side, while they are very similar because they are both based off of the same orchestration, I hear enough differences in the beat sequencing and synths to know Leona’s production camp didn’t simply just lay down Avicii’s song and put new vocals over it. Case closed on this one for me… (But we all know this isn’t the end of this drama once the comments start rolling in.)

BTW… Also this should be noted. None of us actually know the full behind the scenes story. After Avicii tweeted that he had nothing to do with Leona’s song, Sandy Vee (Leona’s producer) apparently called him out directly on Twitter, urging him to “tell the truth” but the comment has since been deleted. Sounds more there’s more to it that we just aren’t aware of…

New Music: Avicii – Fade Into Darkeness (Penguin With Vocals)

by: Taj | July 16th, 2011

So looks like Avicii wasn’t kidding when he said that Leona Lewis stole his thunder (literally) by releasing a new song called “Collide” that samples his instrumental track “Penguin” that he apparently had plans to release a vocals version of himself. This vocal version actually does exists and is called “Fade Into Darkness“. Avicii and his camp rushed to put the song out there yesterday after Leona’s song (which samples the instrumentation without his permission) was premiered. I have to say that I’m not sure just yet which song I like better but I’m kind of leaning towards Avicii’s take. Take a listen and tell me who has the winning vocal in your opinion…

Avicii – Fade Into Darkeness (Penguin With Vocals):

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New Music: Leona Lewis – Collide

by: Taj | July 15th, 2011

Leona Lewis is back with a brand new single called “Collide” that kicks the BPM up a few notches for the ballad belting diva and into brings her into the dance pop genre that’s so popular right now. The song was written by the same writer that wrote Alexis Jordan’s dance hit “Happiness” and has a similar “happy dance” feel to it! And of course you can’t have  a lead single debut these days without accusations that your new music is ripping off someone else’s… Right?!! So I guess Leona’s new single barrows HEAVILY from the Avicii song “Penguin” (listen below) and apperently Ministry of Sound is not too happy about it. Supposedly they singed Avicii about a year ago and have been working on adding vocals to the track themselves for the last 6 months. I guess Leona and her camp put a damper on that bright idea for you guys. On your marks… Get set… CALL YOUR LAWYERS!!!

Anyway, take a listen to the song and tell me if you’re feeling it. I personally like it and it will really grow into a fave of mine by the time remixes are released!!

Leona Lewis – Collide:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

UPDATE: Apparently Autmn Rowe (the woman who wrote the song) just tweeted that Avicii is one of the producers on this single. This might just end up being a scandal free single debut! lol…

UPDATE 2: Avicii denies having anything to do with this song and says that Leona’s camp did in fact steal the track. SCANDAL GALORE!!