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Video Premiere: Britney Spears Ft. Iggy Azalea – Pretty Girls

by: Taj | May 13th, 2015

Well here it is… The hotly anticipated visual for Britney Spears’ latest single “Pretty Girls” which features a lot of assistance from Iggy Azalea. I’m loving/hating the clip at the same time. I love the 80s campiness, I think Britney looks amazing, the dance-break was unexpected and fun! The “acting” scene in the middle of the clip was just awful in every way! The ending was cheesy and boring. But overall it’s a fun, mindless pop video!

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Video Premiere: Madonna – Ghosttown

by: Taj | April 8th, 2015

Madonna has just dropped the brand new video for her latest single “Ghosttown” and I have to say that the Queen has not left us disappointed with the quality of her music videos so far this era! The “Ghosttown” clip is one of her best in years and is reminiscent of some of her more cinematic videos (“Take A Bow,” “Power of Goodbye“) that we use to love so much! This Rebel Heart era has proven to be one of her best musically and now also visually! It has solidified itself as one of my personal favorite M album eras… I hope she keeps the quality music/vids coming!!

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My Madonna “Living For Love” (MEGAPOST)

by: Taj | February 20th, 2015

So I’m really trying not to post too much about Madonna’s latest single “Living For Love” (too late right?) even though everytime I take a breath another amazing official, bootlegs, remix video or mashup of my own pops up! So instead of posting 20 news L4L related posts, this will be my “Living For Love” MEGAPOST which I will update as more blog-worthy version cross my path! Let’s get started…

Today M released her part 2 batch of official remixes which include 2 HOT new productions by Dirty Pop & StoneBridge! I absolutely LOVE both! StoneBridge delivered the house sound I really wanted to hear for this record while Dirty Pop’s part 2 is literally my favorite remix of all the officials! It’s an EDM meets circuit hybrid mix and just absolutely NAILS IT!  Take a listen to both stellar productions!

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Now on the mashup front… Well there’s my new one that I did with Matt Bailer of course (Yes that was a shameless plug) BUT have you seen/heard the Robin Skouteris mix which perfectly marries the song with Haddaway’sWhat Is Love“? Perfection!!

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Finally, have you guys seen the epic remix video set to the Offer Nissim and features clips from the music vid as well as Madonna’s Grammy performance?! We can all thank DJ DigiMark for producing this little gem! I absolutely LOVE IT and so will you! Just press play…

President Obama Covers Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”… Well Kinda…

by: Taj | August 6th, 2014

Ok, I know we’ve all seen these hilarious ‘Baracksdub‘ parody videos before in which the creator basically cuts snippets of President Obama’s speeches to piece together lyrics to popular pop songs… But they just never get old to me!! Check out the latest where Obama is spitting lyrics to Iggy Azalea’sFancy“!

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MUST SEE!! Miley Cyrus Stars In Erotic Artistic Film Titled “Tongue Tied”…

by: Taj | June 14th, 2014

So apparently this is a month old now, but it’s one of those things that I just came across and I had to post for the mere possibly that any of my readers may have missed this at first as well… It’s a must see!! This video that I’m raving about is an eye catching artistic film titled Tongue Tied which stars pop princess Miley Cyrus! The erotic bondage themed (yet kind of cartoony) visual was the brainchild of artist/film maker Quentin Jones who hand-picked Miley as his muse for this stunning visual art piece. Everything about it perfectly encompasses what makes Miley the pop-culture icon that she is today! Check it out…

WARNING!!! This video is ‘rated-R’ so do not press play at work, around small children or your grandma…

Miley Cyrus in “Miley” by Quentin Jones - NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.

Madonna’s Sectret Project Has Finally Arrived…

by: Taj | September 25th, 2013

Madonna’s latest hottly anticipated artistic venture simply titled “#SecretProjectRevolution” has finally been unveiled and while most of her fans are eating the 17 minute artsy political mimi-movie, some are calling the Steven Klein produced black and white one big pretentious let down after months of hype. Personally I enjoyed the imagery and some of the dialogue but I found myself skipping through parts towards the end. Still I like the fact Madonna worked so hard on this side project that she gave away for free in between albums. Definitely gave fans a piece of her to hold them over till her next musical outing! I think most of these people that are where disappointed were expecting Madonna to release a new music video or a new song but anyone who has been following the project close enough already knew that this wasn’t going to be the case. Have you watched it and if so… What is your take?

[youtube uXfXrl4K2D4]

Katy Perry Sets Fire To Her “Teenage Dream” Era In New “Prism” Promo…

by: Taj | August 4th, 2013

Are you guys ready for some new Katy Perry?! Well get ready because the marketing machine for Katy’s new album titled Prism has already begun and it looks as if we might get a darker more edgy Katy on this next outing. In the newly released promo for her soon-to-be released single “Roar,” Katy literally sets fire to her Teenage Dream era by putting a match to the infamous blue wig that she dawned in her “California Girls” music video and watching it burn in the dark! What a genius way to symbolically distance herself from the definite sound of her previous album to create a little buzz and make room for what’s to come. Check it out….

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Madonna Releases Second Extended Trailer For #SecretProject…

by: Taj | July 29th, 2013

I just went into all out Madonna stan mode in the coffee shop I’m sitting in after watching this new extended trailer for Madonna’s #SecretProject. Whatever it is, it looks amazing!! I was so hoping it would be a music video but word on the street is that this will be an artsy/political mini-movie that will serve as an advertisement for a new line of celebrity designed clothing called Defend Paris. The line will benefit different charities which is awesome but does it make me a bad person that I’m still praying that she will surprise us all and unveil her new music video instead?!! I mean, so far the imagery I’ve seen for this project looks amazing and better than a lot of the videos that she has released over the last decade! Anyway, check out the new trailer…

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Lyric Video: Kylie Minogue – Skirt

by: Taj | June 13th, 2013

Kylie Minogue has just released a new lyric video for her hot buzz-single “Skirt“! Since the track is lifted from her still unreleased new album but is said to not be the first single… This is probably the closest we’ll get for an official video. The good new… There’s a lot of footage of Kylie in the sexy clip! Check it out…

Kylie's Skirt on

New Music: Jason Derulo – The Other Side

by: Taj | April 26th, 2013

Jason Derulo is back with a new single titled “The Other Side” along with a pretty awesome lyric video which features the pop-crooner showing off his signature Michael Jackson-eque dance moves.

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Sneak Peek: Mariah Carey Ft. Miguel – Beautiful

by: Taj | April 25th, 2013

So it’s not much a sneak peek as it is a major teaser but Mariah Carey released this short clip to get fans all fired up about her “new era” which will apparently be kicked off with a Miguel assisted single titled “Beautiful“. (Or “#Beautiful“) No we don’t really get to hear any of the vocals in Mariah’s little tease but it looks like we’re seeing parts of the music video which looks pretty hot from what we can see. I think it’s smart that they are branding this her first single while completely distancing her from her not-so-triumphant “buzz” single that we shall not name…

Anyhow, are you excited for Mariah’s “beautiful” return to music? Leave comments HERE

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All You Need To Know About The Super Bowl…

by: Taj | February 3rd, 2013

Jennifer Hudson gave a moving performance of “America The Beautiful” with the Sandy Hooks Elementary School choir…

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Alicia Keys brought her piano on the field with her and sang the hell out of the National Anthem…

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Beyonce made quite the entrance for the half-time show but the Destiny’s Child reunion stole the show…

But let’s face it, Madonna’s iconic half-time show last year was better. Beyonce just doesn’t have as many strong “classics” under her belt to top Madonna’s

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Ravens won…

Michelle Williams Gets Unintentionally Dissed At World Music Awards…

by: Taj | February 1st, 2013

I just came across this video of Beyonce’s Destiny’s Child sista Michelle Williams getting an embarrassing (and unintentional) diss by a clueless journalist on the World Music Awards red carpet some years back! I guess this is old as someone “nicely” pointed out but wanted to share the shade anyway! I don’t know who I’m more emberessed for… Her or the dumb chick behind the mic!

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Kelly Clarkson & Beyonce Perform At President Obama’s 2nd Inauguration…

by: Taj | January 21st, 2013

When it came down to the entertainment for President Obama’s second inauguration, the White House took no chances in making sure our  prez was represent by the best of the best vocalists in the business! Kelly Clarkson & Beyonce both were called upon to sing their rendition of “My Country Tis Of Thee” (Clarkson) and “The National Anthem” (Beyonce).

Both women did an outstanding job! Take a peep below…

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Video Premiere: Nelly Furtado – Waiting For The Night

by: Taj | January 10th, 2013

I’m not the biggest fan of Nelly Furtado’s new single “Waiting For The Night” off of her Spirit Indestructible album but I have to admit the newly released msuic video is pretty mesmerizing to watch! Full of exotic Day of the Dead inspired face-paint as well as flamenco costumes & dancing, the visual definitely helps make the song more interesting & likable! Check it out…

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