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Remix Video: Pharrell Williams – Happy (JNX’s Bronx Cheer Remix Video)

by: Taj | March 1st, 2014

Not only have I finally come across a great remix of Pharrell’s  feel good anthem “Happy” this morning but it also comes with an accompanying remix video helmed by the very talented JNX! Press play and get your “Happy” on for the weekend…

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Bronx Cheer Bootleg Remix) from Mister VJ on Vimeo.

Rare/Unreleased Remix: Madonna – Superstar (Bimbo Jones Remix)

by: Taj | September 6th, 2013

So when I first heard that the Bravo promo song of last summer Madonna’s MDNA album track “Superstar” was remixed by Bimbo Jones, I thought it would be a perfect union!! Unfortunately the track was scrapped as an official singe and the remix never saw the light of day… That is until now!  Bimbo Jones have shared a hefty clip of their take on the Martin Solveig produced Madonna number on their official Youtube channel! It’s definitely a more mellow production than I expected from them so I’m not as excited about it as I was the idea of it but I also don’t hate it… It’s “cute”! Take a listen…

YouTube Direkt

New Music: Sia – Loved Me Back To Life (Celine Dion Demo)

by: Taj | September 6th, 2013

And I’m back to Celine Dion not registering on my radar once again after hearing the Sia demo version of her new single “Loved Me Back To Life” which is far more superior than Celine’s (good but not quite as epic as Sia’s) version. The problem is while Celine definitely has the chops to deliver, the song was obviously crafted for Sia’s personal sound. (You know, since she wrote the track and all…) I’m just hoping the Sia has saved some of these pop gems that she’s hanging out to other artists for her own album!

Sia – Loved Me Back To Life:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

New Music: Cher Ft. Lady Gaga – The Greatest Thing

by: Taj | August 13th, 2013

So just a few days after Lady Gaga’s new single “Applause”  leaked early online, sbecomeone also took the liberty of leaking the Cher and Gaga duet titled “The Greatest Thing” that was recorded for Cher’s forthcoming album. The song is pretty decent in an uber-cheesy kinda way and I’m definitely liking it better than “Applause” which is just ok. Unfortunately, this song will not be making it onto the album thanks to Gaga & RedOne who put a plug on it because Gaga doesn’t like her vocals in the track and won’t re-record it. According to Cher’s Twitter tirade, this isn’t the final version of the song either. Curious if the finished song will eventually make it’s way online as well. Take a listen and tell me how you feel about “The Greatest“…

Remix Video: Madonna – Love Spent (DJ Taj’s Stringsational Remix)

by: Taj | July 28th, 2013

So how cool is this? Someone the goes by the moniker Cr@zy4Mad*nna made an amazing black and white music video for a little a remix I did of Madonna’sLove Spent” last year! He used the footage of her live performance of the song during her MDNA Tour as well as footage of other numbers and rehearsals to create this video montage which basically pays homage to the tour! I couldn’t be more grateful that he chose my remix for the soundtrack! Check it out and also follow Cr@zy4Mad*nna Facebook & Youtube!

YouTube Direkt

PS… If you want a free download of this mix, have at it!

Remix Treatment: Beyonce – Grown Woman (Monsieur Adi Remix)

by: Taj | July 22nd, 2013

Finally a decent remix of Beyonce’s new single “Grown Woman” !! The Monsieur Adi remix almost makes this extremely boring song somewhat enjoyable! Take a listen…

Remix Treatment: Mariah Carey Ft. Miguel – #Beautiful (Finally Found DJ MichaelAngelo’s Remix)

by: Taj | July 9th, 2013

Thank God to DJ MichaelAngelo for swopping in and saving the day when it comes to the ‘missed the mark’ remix package for Mariah Carey’s latest single “#Beautiful“! Check out his stellar little bootleg mashup (“#Beautiful” mashed with Enrique Iglesias‘ “Finally Found You“) which puts the label’s “official” choices to shame!

New Music: David Guetta & Sia – Beautiful People Say

by: Taj | June 2nd, 2013

Following the success of their dance hits “Titanium” and “She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)“, David Guetta & Sia are together again to offer up this little slice of Ibiza-pop titled “Beautiful People Say“! No confirmation as to what project this track is attached to just yet, but rumor has it that the song might play as the first single off of Sia’s own forthcoming album!

David Guetta & Sia – Beautiful People Say:

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Rare/Unreleased: Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me (Chris Cox Club Anthem)

by: Taj | June 1st, 2013

If you guys aren’t following famed dance producer Chris Cox on Soundcloud, I suggest you head right over their and press the “follow” button ASAP! He recently opened the account and has been uploading his catalog of productions almost daily! He’s even been uploading a few rare, previously unreleased gems such as this never before heard remix of Celine Dion’sBecause You Loved Me” that was originally intended for a scrapped remix album. I’m not the biggest Celine fan but this was probably one of the only songs I really somewhat got into so to have a classic Chris Cox remix of it makes it even more enjoyable! Check it out…

And while we’re on the subject of unreleased Chris Cox remixes via Soundcloud…

New Music: Kylie Minogue – Skirt

by: Taj | May 28th, 2013

Not only is it Kylie Minogue’s birthday today, but a new track titled “Skirt” which was recorded for her forth-coming album has leaked today sending her die-hard fans into an utter frenzy!! The edgy electro-pop banger is definitely a new sound for the impossible princess and seems to reference Tweet’s slut-it-up classic “Oops (Oh My)“. I would love to see this one get an official release with a music video… Could you just imagine Kylie-gone-wild?!

Remix Treatment: Michael Jackson – Remember The Time (Dez Rok Remix)

by: Taj | May 13th, 2013

Check out this brand new remix of Michael Jackson’sRemember The Time” that was produced by Dez Rok. For those of you that may not know about Dez, he was a huge producer from the early 2000′s who had taken a long hiatus from the dance music scene and is currently making his comeback with this MJ production! Glad to have you back Dez Rok!

Michael Jackson – Remember The Time (Dez Rok Remix):

Remix Video: Zedd Ft. Foxes – Clarity (DJ Taj & DJ Marcel’s Relentless Chase Remix)

by: Taj | April 10th, 2013

My friend and ridiculously talented remix video producer JNX did an amazing remix video to me and DJ Marcel’s remix of “Clarity” by Zedd!! I absolutely ♥ ♥ ♥ what he did with the visual and wanted to share with you guys!


vimeo Direkt

PS… You can download the mix from my Soundcloud page!

Remix Treatment: Zedd Ft. Foxes – Clarity (DJ Taj & DJ Marcel’s Relentless Chase Remix)

by: Taj | March 28th, 2013

Myself and a good friend of mine DJ Marcel have been hard at work on our first collaborative production together for the last few weeks! We tackled Zedd’sClarity” and steered the song into a much different direction/sound that most of the official remixes have taken it. We decided to ditch the happy euphoric feel of the original and give it a little more of a darker progressive edge to match it’s intense and somewhat dark lyrics. We also went this route to give an alternate version to all of the official Electro remix productions that have been released. We hope you all enjoy our take on “Clarity” and look forward to any feedback. ;-)

Oh and please feel free to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!

Remix Treatment: LUCIANA Ft. & britney spears – Scream & Shout (CAVE DUNK Remix)

by: Taj | February 3rd, 2013

As you can probably tell from the image I posted above and the title of this post, I am more excited about Luciana joining the Spears party than anything else about this way too over played song! New production duo Cave Dunk have breathed new life into this song that’s quickly becoming the most played-out cut of 2013, and have turned it into a new electro Luciana club-anthem! I think this song is going to have 9 lives thanks to all the stellar remixes that are popping up!


Remix Treatment: Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven (Cosmic Dawn Remix)

by: Taj | February 2nd, 2013

And my weekend would not be complete without a new Cosmic Dawn remix to be blown away by!!! His latest conquest – Bruno Mars’Locked Out of Heaven” and as usual he SLAYED IT! I am in love with the new filtered guitar-heavy sound he took on with this production! Check it out…