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Remix Video: Madonna – Bitch I’m Madonna (Sick Individuals Video)

by: Taj | August 6th, 2015


My favorite remix of “Bitch I’m Madonna” – The Sick Individuals remix – just got an official remix video! Press play to watch hot beats and  sick drops put to the high-octane visual! Oh, and get ready to RAAAAAGGGGEEEE because this is a club-banger!!!

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New Music: Britney Spears Ft. Iggy Azalea – Pretty Girls

by: Taj | May 2nd, 2015

Fans seem to be very divided on Britney Spears’ just released new single “Pretty Girls” which features a little of assistance from Iggy Azalea! Either they absolutely love it or hate it. So I broke down the pros and cons of the song to help you decided for yourselves…


– Waaaay better than Tom’s Diner

Iggy Azalea

– A refreshing detour from the predictable edm-pop she’s gotten way too complacent repeating over and over.

– Sound like she actually put a little extra effort in recording the vocals on this one!

– The lyrics are campy and fun and sounds like the video (which is supposedly inspired by the 80’s teen-camp movie “Earth Girls Are Easy“) will be as well!


– Sounds like “Fancy” Part II.

Iggy Azalea

– The vocals will not lend themselves easily to the remixes.

– Sounds like they auto-tuned the already auto-tuned vocal for extra measure.

With that said… I will now reveal my take on the song…

I LOVE IT!!! So much better than her botched Suzan Vega remake and a refreshing direction for her to take. I am going to go ahead and predict this will be one of the biggest songs of the summer!

[youtube dctcM-pcYJI]

New Music: Charli XCX Ft. Rita Ora – Doing It (Remix)

by: Taj | January 11th, 2015

Charli XCX has released a new remixed version of “Doing It” and has brought fellow Iggy Azalea feature artist veteran Rita Ora along for the ride. I’m in love with this little pop gem!! Check it out…


Calvin Harris Blocked His Ex Rita Ora From Performing At ‘Teen Choice Awards’…

by: Taj | August 12th, 2014

Bitter party of 1 at the Calvin Harris table! Rita Ora sat down for an interview with Ryan Seacrest this week and revealed that though she was scheduled to perform her latest single “I Will Never Let You Down” at the Teen Choice Awards, she was denied the opportunity to take the stage by her famous DJ/producer ex boyfriend Calvin Harris!!! When questioned about the whole ordeal, Rita revealed that the ex-bf stage block rumor is in fact true and explained a little more as to why. After watching this interview, I’ve gained a ton of respect for Rita… Not only did she not try to skirt the question and call Calvin out on his pettiness out, she did so in a very respectful and collected manner. The woman has class (and some big balls)!! Press play and find out the full story…

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Deborah Cox Cast As Whitney Houston’s Singing Voice In Biopic!!

by: Taj | July 16th, 2014

So I’m sure you guys have all heard about the controversial Angela Bassett produced Whitney Houston biopic that has been causing quite a stir. Whitney’s family apparently aren’t completely onboard with this Lifetime movie so they’ve denied the studio the use of Whitney’s voice for the film that’s currently in production. Making a movie about one of the most influential and recognizable voices of our time without being able to actually use that artist’s voice sounds like a total production nightmare right? Luckily for us, Bassett and co. got the next best thing to Whitney to step in and tackle those powerhouse vocal like no one else could… DEBORAH COX has been cast as Whitney’s singing voice.

I honestly could not think of a better person to honor the late, great diva! Sure we have Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce and all these other Whitney Houston wannabes but Deborah’s voice, in my humble opinion, is the closest thing we have to Whitney!  Ok, maybe Beyonce is a close second but Deborah has actually recorded a duet with Whitney before so it’s only proper to keep it in the family!

I was only half interested in the movie before but now with the surfacing of this terrific news… I’m a really excited to see how it turns out!! And I pray to the God of DJs to get some stellar official remixes out of the new Deborah/Whitney covers!! I hope you’re listening production team… Whitney would want it to happen!!

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Madonna Teases New Single “Messiah”?!

by: Taj | July 2nd, 2014

It’s been a slow last few days on the music front, that is until tonight! Madonna has took to her Instagram to post a photo of sheet music titled to a song titled “Messiah” and captioned it with;

coming soon… #promise#keep#sorceress#deep

Of course with the promise that the song will be arriving soon, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that this is the name of her first single from her forthcoming album she’s been working on! I’m very interested in what kind of direction she’s going to be heading in musically with a mystical title like “Messiah“! I’m hoping she’s going to throw a curve ball and lead this era with something a more raw & serious like “Isaac” or  anything off of her Ray of Light album. Her die-hard fans would eat that up!! Stay tuned for any further details on the song…

Diplo Reveals “Bitch, I’m Madonna” Song Title…

by: Taj | June 30th, 2014

Madonna really wants us to remember that she’s the Queen ‘B’ while working on her forthcoming album… And by “B” I mean, “BITCH”!! M has  been constantly teasing us with a rumored song title “Unapologetic Bitch” via Twitter and Facebook and today producer Diplo has confirmed a second “B-word” wielding song title, “Bitch, I’m Madonna“. This bitchin’ new nugget of information comes from a recent interview Diplo did with Heloisa Tolipan. Here’s what the “Bubble Butt” producer had to say…

‘I met Madonna because of her kids and then she invited me to a party. We ended up writing seven songs together. I do not usually feel pressured to write hits, but when it’s an artist of this cailber, it’s obvious that I want to push the bounderies a little bit further and surpass myself. One of the songs we wrote is very cool and is called “Bitch, I’m Madonna”.

I think it’s safe to say that Madonna is too concerned about a lot of radio play this time around considering most radio programmers would pass on some of these tracks based off their titles alone… Let’s just hope the music will live up to their provocative titles!!

See Clips Of Lady Gaga’s Unreleased “Do What U Want” Music Video & Why It Was Axed…

by: Taj | June 19th, 2014

TMZ have gotten their hands on Lady Gaga’s never released “Do What U Want” music video and uncovered the controversial reason it was shelved and never seen by her fans. The reason might really surprise you…

“TMZ has obtained the Lady Gaga music video that was SCRAPPED … reportedly because she feared blow back since her co-star was once on trial for kiddie porn and her director is in a swirl of controversy over allegedly sexually assaulting or harassing his models.

Gaga’s music video for the song, “Do What U Want”, was officially put on ice because of vague problems including time constraints and betrayal. The NY Post now reports … sources claim Gaga was in the dark over claims that famed director Terry Richardson sexually assaulted or harassed models — claims that have now surfaced because the models have spoken out. The Post says the models’ allegations have shaken Gaga’s people and triggered her change of heart over releasing the video.

The video is graphic — you see Gaga laying in a hospital bed and R. Kelly plays the doctor. He reaches under her sheet, she moans, and he responds, “Sounds like that medicine’s starting to kick in.” Then Gaga passes out and a party starts on top of her body.

Richardson put himself in the video too — he’s seen snapping pics of naked Gaga while she’s writhing in newspapers and touching herself.

Terry Richardson has vehemently denied doing anything inappropriate with his models.”

It’s too bad the song never got an official video treatment for the viewing public since it is probably one of the best Christina Aguilera Lady Gaga songs of recent times, but to be honest this video looks cheap, utter crap! So maybe it was a blessing in disguise this version was never released but why not give the song its justice and film a second video?!

No use crying over spilled milk  now I guess. Check out the clips from the unreleased version…

Is Madonna Working With Pharrell?! I Would Be OK With It!!

by: Taj | June 11th, 2014

Not to start a whole new set of Madonna rumors buuuttttt… Her Instagram has had a pretty accurate track record for revealing her most recent collaborations so far and she may just be dropping some new hints today. First we saw her in the studio with team Avicii, then with Diplo and co. Now only days after snapping shots with Disclosure all weekend (which still has not been confirmed as a collaboration but I’m hoping it is) she’s showing off this lovely picture of herself sporting a hat which she claims belongs to Pharrell! The caption reads this;

“Pharrell forgot his hat! Its mine now! #finderskeepers #takeitback#unapologeticbitch” -Madonna

And earlier today she posted this one…

“Pharrell’s Mess! Messin with my OCD! #happy” -Madonna

Last I checked, both Madonna and Pharrell are way too busy to just be hanging out for the fun of trying on each others accessories. I smell another collaboration in the works!!! Pharrell has already worked with M once before on her Hard Candy album so it should come as no surprise that they might rekindle their studio flame once again. Especially with the string of success that Pharrell has been scoring with his recent productions! (I.E. “Happy“, Robin Thicke’sBlurred Lines“, ect…)

Personally, I was a HUGE fan of Pharrell’s work on Hard Candy! Especially the pop gems “Heartbeat“, “She’s Not Me” and “Give It To Me“! But I have a feeling that if Madge is in fact knocking on his door once again, she may be wanting more of the funk-driven pop records that he’s been putting out lately! But once again… This is all (probably accurate) speculation until prove otherwise…

What do you say? Are you into the idea of a Madonna/Pharrell studio session?!

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Calvin Harris Announces John Newman Collaboration…

by: Taj | June 10th, 2014

EDM hit maker Calvin Harris released the single cover for his next single titled “Blame” and in doing so also revealed his next big guest vocalist… “Love Me Again” crooner, John Newman! I’m a fan of John’s entire album so this news make me a very, very happy DJ! Are you guys ready for Calvin x’s John?!

Is Madonna Working With Disclosure?! I Sure Hope So!!

by: Taj | June 10th, 2014

Madonna has sparked all kinds of rumors that she may have her sights on working with the underground DJ/production duo Disclosure after she posted a series of pics on her Instagram with fellas at their gigs. This of course has the Internet abuzz asking if her photo ops are actually a clue to who she’s collaborating with next for her next album!! As of now, we have definite conformation that Madonna has in fact collaborated with both Avicii & Diplo on the record which both make me very happy!!

If the rumors pan out to be true and she is in fact throwing Disclosure into the mix, I would be absolutely ECSTATIC for her next effort! On paper, this next project is shaping up to sound like one of her most ambitious and exciting releases to date! Keep checking back… I’ll of course keep you guys updated as information is released…

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Apparently There’s a Britney Spears/Lady Gaga Thing Happening…

by: Taj | June 4th, 2014

Maybe it’s this

That’s all…

Lyrics Surface For New Madonna Song “Living For Love”…

by: Taj | May 12th, 2014

Today producer & song writer Ariel Rechtshaid shared partial lyrics to a new Madonna song rumored to be titled “Living For Love” and I literally just did this…

No really I did, you should see my high kicks! Anyway, when I say partial… I mean random bits and pieces as you can tell from the photo above!

All these behind the scenes sneak peeks thanks to Madonna’s new found fascination with social media sites are making this era epic before it’s  even started! I’m so ready for this album…


Madonna Collaborating With Diplo On New Album…

by: Taj | May 8th, 2014

“Working with @Diplo got me like…………….WHAAaaat?”

That was the Instagram pic & caption that just set the Internet abuzz! Madonna revealing her her next collaboration by sporting a Diplo dino tatt and working her little fingers away on a laptop.

So that makes…

Avicii, Natalia Kills & Diplo on the new record…

She’s obviously going for something a little more edgy and a little less mainstream predictable. (With the slight exception of Avicii who is the most pop crossover) I’m excited to hear the end result!! Are you??

UPDATE: And now she posted this!!

“Diplo is a slave driver! Got me working all hours of the night in the studio. Had to sneak into the bathroom! ‪#‎clicclacclicclacbitchgetoffmyback‬ “

New Michael Jackson Album ‘XSCAPE’ To Be Release April 1st…

by: Taj | March 31st, 2014

It’s actually going to happen!!! Epic Records in conjunction with the Michael Jackson Estate, will release a brand new Michael Jackson album titled XSCAPE on May 31st!! L.A. Reid executively produced the album and was granted unlimited access to the treasure chest of M.J.’s unreleased material which spans over four decades of material!! Reid hand picked the tracks and teamed up with some of today’s top producers (Such as Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate and John McClain) to “contemporize” the songs while retaining Jackson’s signature musical style. The new album will feature eight brand new recordings including the title track XSCAPE! I can’t believe I am saying this but are you ready for the new Michael Jackson studio album??!!