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Mandatory Mashup: Amy Grant – Every Heartbeat (DJ MichaelAngelo vs. Frankie Knuckles Mashup)

by: Taj | January 18th, 2015

Happy Sunday everyone… DJ MichaelAngelo will be taking you to church this morning with his soulful mashup of Amy Grant’sEvery Heartbeat” that will surly get you out of bed and feeling the holy spirit! HE REALLY DID AN AMAZING JOB ON THIS ONE!! Check it out…


Mandatory Mashup: Taylor Swift – Shake It Off (Jad Desenchanntee Vs Dave Aude Remix)

by: Taj | August 27th, 2014

I mean with a bootleg mashup of this caliber, who needs any official remixes?!! Check it out…

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Mandatory Mashup: Nico & Vinz VS Zedd – Am I Wrong (DJ Taj VS Syn Cole Mashup Remix)

by: Taj | July 10th, 2014

While everyone else is serving throwbacks on this beautiful Thursday afternoon, I’m throwing a little shameless self promotion/’Mandatory Mashup’ your way instead! Check out the latest mashup remix that I just completed to drop into my summer sets. This time around I took on Nico & Vinz‘ “Am I Wrong” and used elements of the Syn Cole remix of Zedd’sFind You” as the musical backdrop! I think it turned out pretty nifty myself but I’ll let you be the judge! Check the the extended preview and if you enjoy it, I’ve included a link for you download pleasure!! I always appreciate feedback as well so please don’t be shy to tell me what you think… (Gulp) :-/

Robin Skouteris Releases Michael Jackson VS Lady Gaga Mashup Album…

by: Taj | June 29th, 2014

Blasphemy or genius?! The incredibly talented mashup artist Robin Skouteris has musically married The King with the court jester of pop to create a remix album he calls The King of Artpop: Michael Jackson VS Lady Gaga. Since I’m a huge fan of Robin, I’m going to go ahead and admit that there a few tracks on this mashup experience that I actually think are pretty f$%&in’ genius! But don’t take my word for it, listen & judge for yourselves…


1. Intro
3. Do What U Want With My World
4. Screaming G.U.Y. (Feat. Janet Jackson)
5. Dangerous Venus
6. Rock Dreams
7. Give In To Mary Jane
8. Remember The ArtPop Times
9. Fashion Jean
10. Dirty Applause
11. Do What U Want With My World (Club Mix)
12. The King Of ArtPop Megamix

Download the entire album here:

Mandatory Mashup: Beyonce / Lorde / Dj Snake & Lil Jon – Partition Turndown (Robin Skouteris & V.Sigma Mashup)

by: Taj | June 22nd, 2014

I am so sorry I am so late on posting about this one (it was released in late April) but it’s absolutely MANDATORY that I post this MASHUP right the f#$% now!!!

Robib Skouteris once again took 3 or 4 songs I didn’t particularly care for and mashed them together into an orgasmic pop explosion in my ears!!! Put a condom in your ears and get ready to climax!!

YouTube Direkt

Mandatory PRIDE Mashup: MAKJ & Lil Jon VS Barry Harris Ft. Pepper Mashay – Let’s Get Fucked Up In The Pool (DJ DigiMark’s MixMash)

by: Taj | June 16th, 2014

Looking for an epic ‘pride’ themed EDM cut to play at the clubs this summer? Well, DJ DigiMark has you covered! Check out his recent mashup masterpiece…  Barry HarrisPepper Mashay’sDive In The Pool” vocal mashed with MAKJ & Lil Jon’sLet’s Get F*cked Up“! This will SURELY turn out dancefloors across the world this Pride season!


Mandatory Mashup: Madonna – We-R-Hung-Up-On-Music-Superstars (Fighter’s Unapologetic Mashup)

by: Taj | June 14th, 2014

So most you have probably have already heard the track being passed around at the moment rumored to be Madonna’s new single called “We-R-Superstars“. A snippet of the song recently appeared in a Billboard article which proclaimed that the clip was a preview for a famous ‘dance chameleon’s’ forth-coming single and they also mentioned the disco-house sound was “in vogue” at the moment which caused a firestorm of rumors that the track was lifted from Madonna’s new album which she’s currently working on! I have good word from very credible sources that the song DOES NOT belong to Madonna in any form but she sure is getting a whole lot of free promotion out of the viral rumor…

To be honest, I was a little let down myself because when I found out the rumor was a bust since I think this would have been an amazing sound for Madge to embrace at the moment but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what she does finally cook up for us. In the mean time, someone came up with the brilliant idea to mashup 2 of Madonna’s biggest dance hits over this new instrumental track and by doing so, kind-of gave her fans exactly what they wanted… A disco-house fused Madonna production!! Take a listen to this epic mash created by Fighter and download the mix exclusively at the Madonna Infinity music forum!! CLICK HERE FOR DL LINK…

Madonna VS In-Grid – Girl Gone Wild (DJ DigiMark Mashup/Remix Video)

by: Taj | June 13th, 2014

Happy Friday everyone!! What better way to celebrate the start of the weekend than a fun new Madonna mashup?! DJ DigiMark has constructed one of the most interesting versions of Madonna’sGirl Gone Wild” I’ve ever heard by mashing In-Grid’s classic dance hit “Tu Es Foutu” as the backdrop to M’s vocals! Gives the song a whole new vibe! Good job DigiMark on both the mashup and remix video! Check it out…

Remix Video: Aretha Franklin – A Deeper Love (DJ DigiMark vs Escape & Coluccio Mashup)

by: Taj | May 28th, 2014

Just in time for the Pride season, DJ DigiMark has produced an amazing new mashup of Aretha Franklin’sA Deeper Love” using the a DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio instrumental as the musical backdrop. This hard hitting update is pure perfection for such an empowering dance classic!! But the celebration doesn’t stop there… DigiMark also served up a festive little Pride themed remix video to accompany his mashup remix! Take a look!!

Aretha Franklin - A Deeper Love (DJ DigiMark vs Escape & Coluccio 2014 Pride Mashup) from DJ DigiMark on Vimeo.

***BTW… You can download an MP3 of this awesome mix HERE!!!***

Mandatory Mashup: Madonna – Music (Bit Error Vs. Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman X Steve Angello ”Payback” MASHUP)

by: Taj | May 26th, 2014

CALLING ALL MADONNA FANS!! This is a new mashup of her dance hit “Music” that you NEED TO HEAR!

Besides the fact that it’s an amazing mashup that gives the song a current EDM reboot! It also consists of never before heard lyrics sung by Madonna that mysteriously surfaced out of nowhere giving the song an even more so “new school” twist! AH-MAZING!!

Major props to Bit Error for producing  such an amazing  mashup and breathing new life into one of my favorite Madonna songs! What are you waiting for?!! Play & download the mix!!

DJ Taj Remix: Tamia – Stranger In My House 2014 (DJ Taj vs Papercha$ers Mashup)

by: Taj | April 21st, 2014

Hey all… Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. The blog is getting a make-over and I’ve kind of put posting on hold till the reboot happens. Just wanted to share my latest mashup with you guys. I’ve been wanting to update a few club classics to play in my EDM sets lately and this epic Tamia track was #1 on my list. I hope you guys like it… If you do there’s a free download link! As always, feel free to leave a comment with any kind of feedback!

Tamia – Stranger In My House 2014 (DJ Taj vs Papercha$ers Mashup):

Remix Treatment: Lady Gaga Ft. R Kelly – Do What You Want (Bit Error VS Moto Blanco Remix)

by: Taj | February 10th, 2014

So I usually don’t blog very much about Lady Gaga… Mainly because I got tired of all the obnoxious disputes I would get into with her crazed “little monsters” but every now and then, I’ll make an exception. Today is one of those days thanks to this awesome Bit Error mashup remix that uses a Moto Blanco instrumental as a backdrop for the mix. Her label has totally dropped the ball on releasing any official dance remixes for the song so thank God we have amazing bootlegs like this one to save the day! Check it out and if you enjoy it, feel free to purchase it off of Legitmix!

Get more Bit Error mash-ups at Legitmix

Mandatory Mashup: Cosmic Dawn Mashup – Save The Hero And Reload The Beat

by: Taj | January 14th, 2014


(Yes the caps were totally necessary, it’s really that good!)

Take a listen to Cosmic Dawn’s latest mash titled “Save The Hero And Reload The Beat“… Just call me the walking dead because this mix is slaying me and giving me life at the same time!! Press play and brace yourselves…

Avicii VS Sick Individuals – Hey Brother (DJ Taj Mashup/DJ DigiMark Remix Video)

by: Taj | January 12th, 2014

I got a very cool & unexpected surprise yesterday when a friend, DJ DigiMark, inboxed me and sent me a link to the remix video he had just made to my latest mashup production of Avicii vs Sick IndividualsHey Brother“! As always Mark managed to turn out the remix video with a creative new twist and incorporated live footage of Avicii spinning with the actual music video for the song! Thank you SO MUCH DJ DigiMark for finding my mashup worthy of enough for you to use your talents to produce a video or for it!! Check out the hotness…

Avicii Vs Sick Individuals - Hey Brother (DJ Taj Mashup) from DJ DigiMark on Vimeo.

Download the mashup here:

Mandatory Mashup: Linkin Park Vs. Martin Solveig – Hey Burn It Down Now (Marc Johnce Mashup)

by: Taj | January 9th, 2014

Being that I am a huge fan of both Linkin Park and Martin Solveig, I was more than intrigued when I came across this ingenious mashup produced by Marc Johnce. And let me tell you that it didn’t disappoint… Press “play” and find out for yourselves!

Linkin Park Vs. Martin Solveig & The Cataracs ft. Kyle (Marc Johnce Mashup) from Marc Johnce on Vimeo.