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Cover Art: Charli XCX – Shake It Off (Taylor Swift Cover)

by: Taj | February 10th, 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a cover, but Charli XCX has just provided a punk-rock rendition of Taylor Swift’sShake It Off” that’s totally worth posting! The BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge session was great in it’s entirety but this will be the performance people will be buying about today! Press play and get dancing to this sick beat!!

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Madonna Shines At Grammys With “Living For Love” Performance…

by: Taj | February 9th, 2015

Madonna took the stage tonight at the Grammy’s and literally brought the audience to their feet with her epic “Living For Love” performance. The larger than life stage production closely followed the “matador” theme of the music video (which doesn’t come as a surprise since this whole era has been rushed into fast-forward because of all the music leaks). Madonna looked incredible and gave us the type of performance that made us fall in love with her way back when! I think it’s safe to say… The diva is back!

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Kiesza Hits The Streets For David Letterman Performance Of “Hideaway”…

by: Taj | July 11th, 2014

Thank God for the Internet because if you missed Kiesza’s performance of “Hideaway” lastnight on David Letterman, you would have been kicking yourself in the a$$ if not for the Youtube! Check out the amazing dance performance of the breakaway summer hit!!

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Blake Lewis’ Live Cover Of White Stripes “7 Nation Army”…

by: Taj | January 11th, 2014

It’s been a while since we’ve last heard from former American Idol contestant Blake Lewis, but the runner up to Jordin Sparks has just unleashed this amazing live cover of the White Stripes’ 7 Nation Army” to not only remind you that he still exists but to also demonstrate that he’s pretty much the shit and he should have won his season of Idol! I mean, the guy is more talented, innovative & unique than most of the artists that come out of that show, and he’s definitely more interesting that some of today’s chart-topping male artists. If you think that’s a lofty claim I just made… Just press play on the clip…

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Zedd Releases Incredible Live “Stripped Down” iTunes EP…

by: Taj | November 22nd, 2013

For those of you that are a fan of EDM producer/artist Zedd, the musical prodigy has just released an incredible live EP on iTunes which features stripped down versions of some of his biggest hits all recorded in one take!  If you listen closely to Zedd’s productions, it should come to no surprised to you that the “Clarity” mastermind is a classically trained musician and seasoned pianist which gives him an edge on a lot of other EDM producers who barely have sufficient musical theory training. That’s why this EP is so spectacular, we get to hear Zedd recreate his songs and present them in a way that showcases his extensive musical background. One track in particular that stands on the new release is a new rendition of “Hourglass” which features former American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez on lead vocals. Jessica’s live vocals soar on the song and of course Zedd’s reinvented production brings the drama! Take a listen…

And if you’re a fan of Zedd’s new single “Stay The Night” (as I am), the acoustic version which features Haley Williams is a much listen as well!

Ok, here;s one last track that I want to post to convince you guys that this EP is amazing! It’s a cover of Adele’sSet Fire To The Rain” which features the assistance of Miriam Bryant on vocals. Beautiful recreation of the classic Adele tune with a little surprise little ‘mashup’ vocal Easter egg hidden in the middle of it. Check it out…

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Cover Art: Miley Cyrus – Summertime Sadness

by: Taj | November 12th, 2013

Wow, what a surprise! I have to give it up to Miley Cyrus for taking Lana Del Rey’s massive hit “Summertime Sadness” and making it her own on this acoustic Radio 1 Live Lounge cover performance. Is it just me or is she’s giving us a little Stevie Nicks on the vocals?

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Cher Returns With “Woman’s World” Live Performance + Remixes…

by: Taj | June 19th, 2013

So tonight was “Super Bowl” night for Cher. She not only performed her new single “Woman’s World” on The Voice, but she officially released her album for pre-order on iTunes as well as a set of remixes of her new single all in one Cher-tastic night! I’ll be honest, while I think Cher is a swell lady… I’m not the biggest fan of this single or her music in general. Her performance tonight was a bit on the awkward-side for me but apparently her die-hard fans are LIVING for the purple Kool-Aid dyed mohawk wig!  Check it out…

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Here are three of the remixes of “Woman’s World” which are definitely an improvement on the dated sounding original. I think I’m into the Danny Verde mix the most out of the bunch but I’m curious in hearing which is your fave….

[youtube -Z2bdF-Gs5Y]

[youtube ZQUPkfy1Q_E]

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Ok… I’l all Cher-ed out!

Beyonce/Madonna/Jennifer Lopez/Florence & The Machine Take The Stage At ‘Chime For Change’ Concert,,,

by: Taj | June 2nd, 2013

Yesterday, some of the world’s biggest a-lister performers/feminists banded together in London to take part in the Chime For Change concert which benefits and promotes education, health and justice for women! Here are some of the highlights from the show, including full performances from Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Florence & The Machine, Ellie Goulding and Madonna’s inspirational speech

Beyonce Full Performance (Jay Z Cameo)

[youtube 7W2hy-cEy8k]

Jennifer Lopez Full Performance (Mary J Blige Cameo)

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Madonna Sound Of Change Speech

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Florence & The Machine Full Performance

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Ellie Goulding Full Performance

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Jessie J “Price Tag” Performance

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Mariah Carey Performs On Good Morning America ‘Summer Concert Series’…

by: Taj | May 24th, 2013

Mariah Carey kicked off Good Morning America’s ‘Summer Concert Series’ today by performing some of her biggest hits and her latest smash single “#Beautiful” with a little help from Miguel. Of course a major Mariah Carey televised appearance can’t happen without some sort of controversy these days… The Internet has been buzzing since this morning’s performance because of all the live mishaps that took place. Some people are even calling it “a hot mess”. First of all, Mariah’s dress popped open forcing the network to go to a commercial break. Then when they returned,  Mariah performed “Always Be My Baby” holding her mic pack in her hand since she didn’t have time to put it back on. And somewhere in the middle of all this, Mariah also managed ramble MORE than she did on the judging panel on American Idol and also dropped the #S.H.I.T. bomb on live morning TV too! #AWESOME!

Besides the show being riddled with blog-worthy bloopers, how did Mariah fair vocally you ask? She did… Just alright. She DID sing live, there’s no denying that in this performance. (Although the high note at the end of “We Belong Together” might be questionable) And while she did have some shining moments, I really can’t say this was a strong vocal performance over-all for the power-house diva. She noticeably struggled with some of notes and I’m probably not far off to assume that might have been a direct result of all the stress of the live-TV mishaps. With that said, it was a still fun mini-concert that Mimi treated New York to and I really enjoyed her song selection! But don’t take my word for it… Check for yourselves…

Wardrobe malfunction

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“Always Be My Baby”

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“#Beautiful” Featuring Miguel

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“We Belong Together”

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Preview Of Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Luvin'” MDNA Tour DVD Performance…

by: Taj | May 17th, 2013

Finally we get to see our first official glimps of Madonna’s MDNA tour DVD which will be aired on Epix later next month! Today. Entertainment Tonight previewed a little over a minute of M’sGive Me All Your Luvin’” performance which is lifted straight from the DVD. I think it goes without saying that I am uber-excited for this release! Check it out…

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Mariah Carey/Jennifer Hudson/Jessie J/Emelie Sande/Jennifer Lopez Perform On American Idol…

by: Taj | May 16th, 2013

Tonight American Idol saw a star-studded finale full of massive celebrity performances! Everyone from this year’s mega-star judge Mariah Carey, to past Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson, to last year’s judge Jennifer Lopez lit up the stage… Oh and Candice Glover won. (Which I’m happy about though I was really rooting for Angie Miller or Amber Holcomb) But her, Candice was just as amazing and I’m glad she beat Kree!

(Sorry all you Kree fans but I just don’t want another country/rock Idol)


Mariah Carey Performs Hits-Medly

American Idol Finale ~ Mariah Carey Medley por HumanSlinky

Candice Glover/Jennifer Hudson Perform “Inseparable”

American Idol Finale ~ Candice Glover with... por HumanSlinky

Angie Miller/Jessie J/Adam Lambert Perform “Titanium/Domino”

American Idol Finale ~ Angie Miller, Adam... por HumanSlinky

Amber Holcomb/Emeli Sande Perform “Next To Me”

American Idol Finale por HumanSlinky

Jennifer Lopez/Pitbull Performs “Live It Up”

American Idol Finale ~ Jennifer Lopez por HumanSlinky

Beyonce Performing “Grown Woman” In Mrs. Carter Tour…

by: Taj | April 27th, 2013

So the song we’ve all been waiting to hear in full from Beyonce’s Pepsi commercial, “Grown Woman“, can finally be heard in all of it’s glory thanks to this fan-footage that someone recorded at Bey’s Mrs. Carter Tour. Though it isn’t the best audio recording, it’s good enough to get a gist of what we should expect. I actually like what I’m hearing so far… Is it amazing? No. Is it debut single worthy? Not really. Is it better than that mess of a “song” “Bow Down” that she worried teased us with? HELL TO THE MUTHA FUCKIN’ YES!! So if Beyonce’s strategy by leaking “Bow Down” first was to disappoint us so badly that when she released anything mediocre level and up afterwards, we would instantly love it out of relief that it wasn’t garbage… Mission accomplished! Take a listen and and POST COMMENTS HERE to tell me what you think of “Grown Woman“…

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All You Need To Know About The Super Bowl…

by: Taj | February 3rd, 2013

Jennifer Hudson gave a moving performance of “America The Beautiful” with the Sandy Hooks Elementary School choir…

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Alicia Keys brought her piano on the field with her and sang the hell out of the National Anthem…

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Beyonce made quite the entrance for the half-time show but the Destiny’s Child reunion stole the show…

But let’s face it, Madonna’s iconic half-time show last year was better. Beyonce just doesn’t have as many strong “classics” under her belt to top Madonna’s

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Ravens won…

Kelly Clarkson & Beyonce Perform At President Obama’s 2nd Inauguration…

by: Taj | January 21st, 2013

When it came down to the entertainment for President Obama’s second inauguration, the White House took no chances in making sure our  prez was represent by the best of the best vocalists in the business! Kelly Clarkson & Beyonce both were called upon to sing their rendition of “My Country Tis Of Thee” (Clarkson) and “The National Anthem” (Beyonce).

Both women did an outstanding job! Take a peep below…

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Carmen Electra Performs “I Like It Loud” On Wendy Williams…

by: Taj | December 10th, 2012

Carmen Electra took her Luciana-esque comeback single “I Like It Loud” to the Wendy Williams show this week and with the help of two trannylicious back-up dancers, she gave the audience a pretty energetic and impressive live performance of the song!  Take a look…

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