Zedd Releases Incredible Live “Stripped Down” iTunes EP…

For those of you that are a fan of EDM producer/artist Zedd, the musical prodigy has just released an incredible live EP on iTunes which features stripped down versions of some of his biggest hits all recorded in one take!  If you listen closely to Zedd’s productions, it should come to no surprised to you that the “Clarity” mastermind is a classically trained musician and seasoned pianist which gives him an edge on a lot of other EDM producers who barely have sufficient musical theory training. That’s why this EP is so spectacular, we get to hear Zedd recreate his songs and present them in a way that showcases his extensive musical background. One track in particular that stands on the new release is a new rendition of “Hourglass” which features former American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez on lead vocals. Jessica’s live vocals soar on the song and of course Zedd’s reinvented production brings the drama! Take a listen…

And if you’re a fan of Zedd’s new single “Stay The Night” (as I am), the acoustic version which features Haley Williams is a much listen as well!

Ok, here;s one last track that I want to post to convince you guys that this EP is amazing! It’s a cover of Adele’sSet Fire To The Rain” which features the assistance of Miriam Bryant on vocals. Beautiful recreation of the classic Adele tune with a little surprise little ‘mashup’ vocal Easter egg hidden in the middle of it. Check it out…

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2 Responses to “Zedd Releases Incredible Live “Stripped Down” iTunes EP…”

  • BrandonJD Says:

    I love this album. It sucks that it’s itunes exclusive. I think his musical training comes through in his EDM music. There is a more appreciative sense melody in his songs that is sometimes absent in many other artists.

    I feel that Daft Punk may have subtly created this trend. This is the third “analog” album from an electronic artist I have come across recently. Boys Noize also has a song that is very much produced like one of their normal tracks, but its only using Piano. I think like much of what Daft Punk does, everyone hates it, until some greater context shows it to be more forward thinking that people expected.

  • Ryann Arender Says:

    Hello Amy,thanks for this, it’s so funny.It’s my first time here but not my last.A big HUGHeike

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