New Music: Mariah Carey – The Art Of Letting Go

Mariah Carey has gone back to her roots for her new single “The Art of Letting Go” and has delivered a beautiful oulful ballad that is very reminiscent of her earlier work. I’m not sure how this song will do on the charts but I have feeling Mariah didn’t release this song looking for a huge radio hit. This sounds like something she just needed to get off her chest and put out into the universe. Take a listen to “The Art of Letting Go” and tell me if you’re feeling it…

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3 Responses to “New Music: Mariah Carey – The Art Of Letting Go”

  • JJ Says:

    You said it just right. It’s a beautiful song everyone can relate to. Letting go of whatever it is. I don’t think Mariah makes songs thinking about the charts she makes music cause she still can. She doesn’t have to talk about working it bitch, smoking or twerking. If her true fans appreciate this song then that’s all that matters

  • GODLEGO Says:

    Totally feeling it. Feels grown up.

  • Roger Says:

    This is Horrible! She keeps going downhill for me. Nothing remotely catchy about this ballad. Snore!

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