Mariah Carey Dishes The Dirt On “Hell-Like” American Idol Experience…

Mariah Carey sat down for a very candid interview with Hot 97 and dished the dirt on American Idol which she said she “hated” and compared it to going to work in “hell” everyday and working with “Satan”. (Reference to Nicki Minaj I’m guessing??)  She also blew the lid on some of the behind the scenes drama and basically admitted that the show isn’t as as non-scripted as it seems and that she hated the fact she couldn’t send some of the more talented people through because of “political reason” with the producers. I know most of us already assumed this but it’s shocking to actually hear from one of the former judges. Will you be watching American Idol next season? I plan on not watching it, myself…

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2 Responses to “Mariah Carey Dishes The Dirt On “Hell-Like” American Idol Experience…”

  • Zart Says:

    Mariah forgot to mention one thing she was a horrible judge. She added absolutely nothing to the show.
    She looks like synced twice, she was a horrible performer on that show.
    And her video was all about look at me look at me look at me.
    I was not a fan of last year American Idol made many mistakes but I have a feeling they got it right with the judges this year Jennifer Lopez is back at I think it’s going to be much much better.

  • Zart Says:

    she lip synced twice.
    Barely have the energy to perform.
    And she was rude to the contestants she would not stand for anyone.

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