Remix Treatment: Cher – I Hope You Find It (Funk Generation/H3DRush Club Mix)

Calling all Cher fans… Here is the first remix to pop-up of her official next single “I Hope You Find It“. The original ballad version is “signature” Cher (even though this is actually a remake of a Miley Cyrus song) my probably my favorite track off of her new album. Funk Generation (a.k.a. Mike Rizzo) and H3DRush did a pretty great job transforming the ballad into a club cut. Not clear on whether or not this is going to be officially released and word on the street is that the label has also commissioned the likes of Tony Moran to remix another track “Take It Like A Man” a few months back as well… A double-track remix package possibly?! Only time will tell but in the meantime, check out “I Hope You Find It“…

Cher – I Hope You Find It (Funk Generation/H3DRush Club Mix):

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5 Responses to “Remix Treatment: Cher – I Hope You Find It (Funk Generation/H3DRush Club Mix)”

  • ward lamb Says:

    No need for this remix!! Original perfect ,

  • Richard Says:

    Always appreciate a good remix – but this just doesn’t do it for me. Dance to this. . . really? Gotta agree with Ward above. Time will tell if we “need” a remix. Nice try, though. A ballad is always hard to convert to a dance song while keeping the integrity of the song and the singer’s style.

  • Kyra Trenin Says:

    CHER is Cher and we love her. I love Cher ballads not dance but I guess dance gets attention. Either way any Cher is great news to me. Why I like Cher ballads is cuz they don’t ruin her vocals. Cher can sing + I love her lush voice..

  • Keith Says:

    The same criticisms can be heard about the recent Donna Summer remixes but folks these songs are remixed for today’s dance floor. Since that’s what I follow, I can appreciate both but totally get how this will play out on the dance floor…EPIC!

  • RJ Says:

    Actually, it grows on one within a few listens and I love the fact that it kept the integrity of the song and her style of singing. B-

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