New Music: Leona Lewis – One More Sleep

WTF is happening in the North Pole?! Why is practically every vocally gifted diva xerox copying Mariah Carey’s Motown-inspired Christmas single formula that found her massive success with “All I Want For Christmas” and (moderate success with) “Dear Santa“. First I posted Kelly Clarkson’s new tune “Underneath The Tree” which sounds like a love-child of Mimi’s two holiday hits and now I’ve came across Leona Lewis’ just released Christmas single titled “One More Sleep” that sounds like a second cousin of the bunch! As much as I love Leona and I’m enjoying this single… I think female artists (including Mariah) need to move on from the reductive formula and come up with something that sets their efforts apart from the rest and doesn’t just remind us that Mariah’sAll I Want For Christmas” is the BEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER! With that said… It’s really nice to hear Leona’s angelic voice once again and I can’t wait for her next album!

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9 Responses to “New Music: Leona Lewis – One More Sleep”

  • BrandonJD Says:

    My sentiments were already expressed on the Kelly Clarkson post. Somehow despite Kelly and Leona having great voices, they are not above putting out schlocky christmas songs. I don’t expect much on the creativity front from Leona Lewis, so this is pretty much expected. Through from Kelly, I want to believe she was better than that. Although I’ve never been one to praise her songwriting.

  • Anthony Says:

    I think people (so called music critics) are looking waaaaaay too much into Kelly and Leona’s Xmas singles. They should just enjoy it as it is :”Feel good Christmas” songs.

    I love Leona’s song and Kelly’s as well.

  • Taj Says:

    Anyone & everyone who closely follows and purchases music/musicians has the right to critique it… No need for “so called” because we’re ALL “music critics”.

  • Anthony Says:

    still, I maintain my point. We, music buyers, should enjoy music for what it is and stop trying to find problems when really, there isn’t. Motown goes well Christmas. Mariah didn’t invent that style.

  • Keith Says:

    STOP THE PRESSES! This from Wikipedia about Mariah Carey’s AIWFCIY “Carey wrote the song’s lyrics and melody, while Walter Afanasieff arranged and produced the track. Many of the instrumentals were synthetically created with computerised equipment.[9] According to Roch Parisien from Allmusic, the song contains “The Beach Boys-style harmonies, jangling bells, and a sleigh-ride pace, injecting one of the few bits of exuberant fun in this otherwise vanilla set.”[11]”

    Hmmm,no mention of Motown here just Beach Boys. Kelly and Leona, you now have my blessing to ape Motown as Taj would say but it’s really Stax but hey, who cares. Both songs are vying for that all-time greatest feelgood holiday song that Mariah has maintained for well over a decade now. Not likely they’ll succeed.

    I just say chill out and enjoy it for what them for what they are. Holiday Songs.

  • Keith Says:

    oops, tripped on my own words in the last sentence but you get the point.

  • Taj Says:

    Ok, I still hear Motown comparisons but if you want to get nit piky about it, we’ll just says 60′s sound… And if you really want to get technical about it. Check out the chorus in this MOTOWN Xmas record called “All I Want For Christmas (Is Your Love)”…

    Buts as I said in both posts, I DO enjoy both songs but being that I am big fan of both Kelly & Leona, I kind of expected a little more from them to release a copy-cat Xmas single. It’s playing it too “safe” and I want them to create a classic of their own that isn’t transparently inspired by Mariah’s golden-formula.

  • Keith Says:

    Fair enough, but you gotta admit it’s really REALLY hard to come up with an Xmas original that strikes a chord with people. Re-interpretations often fall flat unless an artist can bring something of their own to the song that makes it sound fresh all over again. There was a lot of that in the late 80s when the A Very Special Christmas compilations came out (at least the first two). Many of the songs that appeared on those sets are considered classics today even though they weren’t original at the time. The interpretations were what made them.

    To do what Mariah achieved with AIWFCIY is damn near impossible. So, if you’re looking for a fun original holiday song that hasn’t been done to death, the 60s is a really good starting point for a stylistic setting for your original. Then again, the 60s were more than just girl groups.

  • BrandonJD Says:

    The thing is, it’s not impossible to make a good christmas song, just like it is not impossible to make a good song in general. It’s just that some artists act as if they have to make a song that sounds like every other in order for it to be a christmas song.

    I think many artists go about it the wrong way, they think to make a christmas song, instead of a good song. The songs that end up being hits are actually good songs. These are forgettable at best, a collection of christmas tropes that ends up being less than the sum of their parts.

    For their efforts, theyd probably would have been better off just covering. Then the originality comes from their personal sound and instrumentation.

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