New Music: Kelly Clarkson – Underneath The Tree

The holiday season is still a few months away but Kelly Clarkson wants to give you her gift of vocal slayage a little early this year! The undeniable best vocalist on the face of the planet has just dropped her new single “Underneath The Tree” which will be lifted off of her forthcoming Christmas album, Wrapped In Red. But before I go into how amazing the new single is, let’s put all the cards out on the table and face the ugly truth… Kelly may have pulled a small case of swagger jacking here and stole the “Motown-throwback” Christmas single formula that was invented by the reigning Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey. No, the song doesn’t sound just likeAll I Want For Christmas” or “Dear Santa” but let’s be honest… There are other era-specific genres she could have embarked on. OK… Now that we got that awkward conversation out of the way, let’s go back to relishing in the fact that Kelly’s voice just an toppled a deadly avalanche on top of all your favorite female vocalists out there and “Underneath The Tree” (a mere holiday single) is better than any of the offerings we’ve heard so far from the likes of Britney, Katy and Baby Gibberish put together! From what I’ve read, the new album as a whole is being hailed as the first “iconic” holiday record since Mariah’s Merry Christmas! A sampler of the album made its way onto the Internet briefly but has since been pulled down… I’ll keep an eye out for you guys. In the meantime, take a listen to “Underneath The Tree“…

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3 Responses to “New Music: Kelly Clarkson – Underneath The Tree”

  • BrandonJD Says:

    God, what would contemporary Christmas music do without Motown. Personally I find all contemporary Christmas music extremely crude, no one seems to stray far from someone elses winning formula. This is no different. It’s like every pop singer is afraid of having christmas move beyond the 60′s.

    Christmas tropes by genre:

    All country artists try at least once to recreate some sort of margaritaville christmas track.

    All pop artists try to make the next Mariah track.

    All r&b artists try to either urbanize a christmas hymn, or try to make the next “This Christmas”.

    All of the above tend to fail, because they only remind you of the actually good song they are trying to crudely ape. This Kelly track included. They all seem to forget that the classics become such by being different. Heck, that N’sync christmas song is more memorable than this, just because it wasn’t trying to be just another version of a much better song.

  • Keith Says:

    Don’t confuse Motown with the big Stax sound of Phil Spector which is the sound this single mimics. His album to this day is considered one of the greatest classics of all time Certainly Darlene Love’s and Ronnie Spector’s contribution to this set was the icing on top. Check out the original version of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)by Darlene Love. That song was immortalized by U2 on the late 80s A Very Special Christmas.

    As for Kelly’s new song …it ROCKS!

    Yes, I may be an atheist but I am definitely a christmas music whore!

  • Rich Says:

    It’s fun, warm, and loving. And that’s what the holidays are about. To hell with all the other garbage written here. Great song, Kelly!

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