Video Premiere: Nicole Scherzinger – Boomerang

UK X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger is back with a new single and music video called “Boomerang“. Another “cute” but forgettable pop song that will bore you out of your mind and have you wondering what happened to the sexy pop-vixen from The Pussycat Dolls that use to release hit singles such as “Don’t Cha” “Buttons” & “When I Grow Up“.

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6 Responses to “Video Premiere: Nicole Scherzinger – Boomerang”

  • DJ DigiMark Says:

    I am liking Jessica Sutta’s music better than Nicole’s… especially “Show Me” is REALLY good!

  • Amy Says:

    She’s officially lost it! lol

    I agree with you Taj, she NEVER should have left Pussycat Dolls. They did amazing things as a group. Imagine how hot they would be today if they had stayed together??? Oh well…

  • BrandonJD Says:

    It goes to show that it takes more than a voice, a body, and some moves to be a star. It takes the right song, and the talent to know when you have the right song. Clearly someone else was in control of what songs PCD made.

    The songs the Pussy Cat Dolls made were so catchy and fun, yet there isn’t a single thing she has put out that is even close to those songs. Why doesn’t she just go back to those producers?

  • TwistedDish Says:

    This is a pure mess… givin us Disney forgettable realness. She needs an entirely new team working with her..

  • TwistedDish Says:

    This production sounds a lot like Dr Luke or Max Martin.. oddly enough Dr Luke produced another song called Boomerang in 2010.. and it sounds similar LOL

  • ItsOnlyMe Says:

    For me, this song has nostalgic properties.
    It sounds like the songs I listen to that remind me of a special time.

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