Remix Treatment: Cher – Woman’s World (NVNZ Remix)

Check out this new NVNZ remix of Cher’s latest single “Woman’s World“. (Not to be mistaken for Jason Nevins btw)

Anyhow, with no release date for official remixes on the horizon till March, Cher’s boring new(ish) single might never have a fighting chance to make any sort of lasting impact on fans. And while this mix definitely is a step in the right direction, Honey Boo-Boo is still not impressed with this song as a whole!

With that said, take a listen to this (supposed) Jason Nevins and tell me if you would like to hear it bumpin’ in the club!

Remix Treatment: Cher – Woman’s World (Jason Nevins Remix):

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6 Responses to “Remix Treatment: Cher – Woman’s World (NVNZ Remix)”

  • Amy Says:

    I like the song, but I don’t like this remix because it doesn’t have interesting key changes like the original version. Looking forward to March when the real deal comes out.

  • Keith Says:

    Not Jason Nevins. N.V.N.Z….the new kid on the block from Milan, Italy ’bout says it all. Also, boring.

  • TwistedDish Says:

    This is starter level electro production.. nothing very special about it.. sounds like he tossed in just about everything and the kitchen sink and it still went nowhere

  • Brandi Says:

    Its not Jason Nevins- its some new guy NVNZ. I was just reading about him–he seem to have a bunch of remixes coming out. I read there is a Youngblood Hawke mix and Sam & The Womp mix- Im excited to hear those too !!! I think this Cher mix is AWESOME !! Much better than the original. I like Oakenfold but the original is not doin it for me.

  • Scott Samson Says:

    Dude- this is BANGIN !! Im not a Cher fan but this is hot !!! You people givin commments dont know what your talkin about

  • Beth Waner Says:

    THIS IS SO HOT. I love Cher !! This remix soundz betta than the original. This more fun !!

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