New Music: Destiny’s Child – Nuclear

When I first heard that the birth place of Beyonce (Destiny’s Child of course…) was releasing a new compilation album titled Love Songs which included a new previously unreleased track titled “Nuclear,” I practically spontaneously combusted into a mushroom cloud of excitement!! But when I actually got ahold of & listened to the new track today, my explosive excitement sputtered out like a wet wick and I was left with the suspicion that Beyonce just doesn’t want to release anything from her former girl-group that may outshine her own solo single which is due any day now. I mean, when I think Destiny’s Child I think “Say My Name” or “Loose My Breath” or “Survivor“… Not this bore-fest of a song with a dated 90’s beat sample.

Take a listen for yourself… Preferably before bed because it might put you to sleep.


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3 Responses to “New Music: Destiny’s Child – Nuclear”

  • TwistedDish Says:

    LOL this sounds extremely dated… no big moments.. hahahaha

  • BrandonJD Says:

    What the fuck were people expecting. It’s going on a compilation of mostly ballad speed or midtempo LOVE SONGS. It’s not like survivor or Bootylicious is on this compilation!

    People had some pretty unrealistic expectation when they heard there was going to be a new song. NO ONE seemed to notice what the album was full of slower mellower songs, and that the new one would fit with that.

    The internet is wierd.

  • JoseM Says:

    Weren’t they famous in the 80’s or something? My mom used to sing their songs in the shower.

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