New Music: Paris Hilton Ft. Lil Wayne & Afrojack – Last Night

Still playing catch up on the blogging since I was out of the country last week! Here is the highly anticipated (by me) Afrojack produced track “Last Night” that is was set to be released on Paris Hilton’s sophomore album that she’s currently working on. However, since Paris and ex-boyfriend Afrojack broke up the chorus has appeared on Pitbull’s new album with Havana Brown lending her vocals so who knows if the song will appear on Paris’ album as well. To be honest, as much as I was actually looking forward to a new music by my guilty pleasure artist, I’m a little let down by this and wouldn’t be that upset if it was left off of her new album. Paris‘ portion of the song is great but I could do without Lil Wayne as well as Afrojack’s obnoxious mosquito in heat synth riff.

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