Video Premiere: JoJo – In The Dark

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JoJo is back after a long hiatus (mainly due to an ongoing fight with her record label) and has just released a brand new mix-tape and music video!! Her mix-tape titled “Can’t Take That Away From Me” was released earlier this week and can be downloaded for free HERE. The first song she’s releasing off of the effort is a sexy track called “In The Dark“. The song is FIRE!!! My only complaint is that she looks kinda creepy in the video. Something about the lighting in during the blindfold scenes (which is the majority of the clip) makes her face look… well… like that creepy Chuckie doll from that horror movie Child’s Play! Other than that, I REALLY love the song!

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  • Charly Says:

    Hehe…she really looks kinda…uhm…weird during that blindfold scenes.But the song is FU**IN GREAT.Love the bass.

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