Please Vote For Me For The 2014 Nicky Awards!

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Hey all!! I am so proud to report that I am nominated once again for a Nicky Award in the ‘Outstanding DJ’ category! Last year I was so appreciative to be nominated and I actually won! I am once again calling on my Sound Off readers to to help make me a repeat winner! I would be oh so grateful if you guys could take the time to show your support and vote for me at the following link. I’m in category #10 (Outstanding DJ/VJ) and don’t worry – you don’t need to vote in every category if you don’t want to. After you cast your vote in category #10 (and any other category you choose to vote for) all you have to do is press ‘done’ at the bottom of the ballot to cast your vote. I would really appreciate the support… Thanks in advance to anyone who votes! ;-) Taj.




Please Dear God Do Not Let Madonna Collaborate With Miley Cyrus!

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Today Madonna tagged Miley Cyrus on an Instagram photo of lyrics to a titled “Rebel Heart“. I was OK with Madonna crashing Miley’s televised Unplugged performance and dueting on a “We Can’t Stop/Don’t Tell Me” mashup. I thought it was an awkward hot mess but I didn’t mind it. But if Miley and her nasally vocals were to appear on Madonna’s hotly anticipated new album, I might just cry a little! I just can’t…

Now the other account-name tagged in the Instagram, Mozellamusic, belongs to singer/songwriter MoZella who use to be singed to Madonna’s record label Maverick in the early 2000′s and more recently co-wrote Miley’s only #1 hit “Wrecking Ball“. She was also confirmed as one of the writing collaborators on Madonna’s forthcoming album, so I’m praying that Miley might be tagged alongside her because he had some input on the lyrics and it doesn’t go any further than that.

Look, I’m not a Miley hater… I like her. I really do! I just think that with the exception of the pop “Wrecking Ball“, everything else that she has done lately just feels forced and blatantly contrived. I just don’t want her to bring that energy to the new Madonna project. I guess we’ll all have to stay tuned to find out…

New Music/Video Premiere: Hilary Duff – Chasing The Sun

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After taking a way too long hiatus, pop-star Hilary Duff is all grown and back to making music! Surprisingly her new single “Chasing The Sun” finds the former Disney actress bypassing the dance-pop route that most artists venture down when trying to make a comeback after a long break and has opted to take a more folk-pop, guitar driven road. The song reminds me of a typical record you would hear from Cheryl Crow or Jewel. Will it be a massive hit? Probably not. Do I like it? I do. Do I love it? Probably not. But I am happy the Duffster is back and looking forward to hearing more from her! Watch the just released music vid!

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Remix Treatment: Michael Jackson – Slave To The Rhythm (Audien Remix)

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Looks like Michael Jackson is getting another EDM remix treatment! This time his Excape album track “Slave To The Rhythm” has been reworked by Audien! I know that a lot of his hardcore fans aren’t into their beloved MJ being remixed into the EDM style but personally I’m loving it after only one listen… Check it out!!

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Remix Treatment: Leann Rimes – How Do I Live (Cahill Remix)

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Country songstress Leann Rimes is about to ditch the cowboy boots for a pair of dancing shoes with plans to release a remix album! The new album will be CD2 of a greatest hits package that will hit store shelves on August 5th. The first remix to promote the album is a clubbed-up version  of her massive hit “How Do I Live” and was produced by Cahill! The song was a huge club hit back when the original remixes were released and I have a feeling lightening will strike twice for the country classic thanks to this new version! Take a listen…

New Madonna Demo “You Are The One” From The 90s Surfaces…

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A new Madonna demo titled “You Are The One” has surfaces today! The song was recorded back the 90′s during her infamous “Rain Tapes Sessions” (which turned out material for her Erotica album) and sounds pretty much how you would imagine it to sound like… A Demo from the 90s! I definitely understand why the track was scrapped but at the same time there are some strong moments in the song that could have turned into something spectacular had it been developed further in the studio. Take a listen…

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Remix Treatment: Britney Spears – Slave (Barry Harris 2K14 Pumped Up T-Puss Remix)

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Barry Harris is back with a vengeance!! Shortly after coming out of hiatus and dropping his massive remix of the Madonna classic “Deeper & Deeper“,  the legendary DJ/producer is back and has just released a new, ‘pumped-up’, 2K14 reinterpretation of the classic Thunderpuss remix of Britney Spears’Slave 4 U“!! I mean, if the man is trying to grab our attention and let us know that he’s back… He’s definitely going about it the right way!! Check out the epic new and improved version of “Slave“! Oh, and if you likey… Download a copy for music devices!

Madonna Records New Version Of “La Isla Bonita” For Diplo…

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Diplo and Madonna have been really good about turning up the hype for their musical collaborations as of late… This time around, producer Diplo showed off a special version of “La Isla Bonita” that Madonna recorded with the “Bubble Butt” artist which features new lyrics in which she gives a shout out to Major Lazer! (Diplo’s side project) Supposedly this new version will not appear on Madonna’s new album (or any album for that matter) but I’m hoping one of the two release the full version for their fans! Sounds pretty interesting!! Check out the small clip Diplo teased us to…

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Remix Treatment: Madonna & Rihanna – Vogue (Bit Error Diva Duet Remix)

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OK, I just lost my mind when I discovered this!!! The very talented Bit Error has produced a 2014 remix of Madonna’s/Rihanna duet remix version of Madge’s ”Vogue“! Most people don’t know that Rihanna performed “Vogue” some years back in a Fashion Rocks appearance. Luckily for us, Bit Error did know this and was able to include the Rihanna cover version vocals into this stellar 2014 update of the song. (He also did an all Madonna as well as an all Rihanna version for diehard fans of either pop icons! But hearing them duet is just amazing!! Check it out and feel free to download your favorite version from Bit’s SoundCloud!

UPDATE!! Check out the just released music video produced by DJ DigiMark!!

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First Listen” Deborah Cox Singing “I Will Always Love You” For Whitney Houston Biopic…

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Judgment day is upon us! Here is your first listen to Deborah Cox portraying Whitney Houston’s singing voice in the new biopic that is currently in production. The short clip features Deborah’s version of “I Will Always Love” that was recorded for the movie. Personally I think Deborah was the ONLY right choice the studio could have made to sing for Whitney. I think she proved they made the right choice in this clip, but what do you think?! Did Deborah do Whitney justice? Sound off in the comments…

UPDATE: And for more behind the scene’s as well as Deborah belting out an “The Greatest Love Of All” in acapella, check out this Entertainment Tonight coverage of the biopic.

Remix Treatment: Beyonce – Pretty Hurts (Dirty Pop Remix)

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Finally we have a great EDM style remix of Beyonce’sPretty Hurts” that I can actually drop in the peak hour of my set!! Production team Dirty Pop (Drew G & Brian Cua) delivered the hands-in-the-air rager that will torch dance floors across the globe!! This is hands down my favorite remix of the song! (Sorry R3HAB) Check it out…

Remix Treatment: Madonna – Falling In Love (AKA Deeper & Deeper) (Barry Harris 2k14 Remix)

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Legendary DJ/producer Barry Harris has dipped into this Madonna acapella archive and has given the Madge classic “Deeper & Deeper” a 2014 reboot!! Not only has Barry given the fan-favorite a much needed resurrection, but fans of his Thunderpuss days will be happy to find that this new production could easily pass for a Thunderpuss2K14 remix! I’ve already listening to this one repeat but now it’s your turn… Get into it!!

Also check out the fun remix video produced my the very talented DJ DigiMark!!

Madonna - Falling In Love (Deeper and Deeper 2014 Remix by Barry Harris - DigiMark Mixshow) from DJ DigiMark on Vimeo.

Remix Treatment: Coldplay Ft. Avicii – A Sky Full Of Stars (Syn Cole Remix)

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Rising star DJ/producer Syn Cole has quickly become one of names that makes me instantly perk up when I see his name attached to track! Today I perked up and then almost fell over when I saw that he has remixed the new Coldplay & Avicii collaboration, “A Sky Full of Stars“! (One of my biggest tracks of the summer!) Then I literally did fall over once I saw that he was offering it as a free download!! Ok, enough reading this post… Download and get into it NOW!!

Deborah Cox Cast As Whitney Houston’s Singing Voice In Biopic!!

by: Taj | July 16th, 2014 | 4 Comments »

So I’m sure you guys have all heard about the controversial Angela Bassett produced Whitney Houston biopic that has been causing quite a stir. Whitney’s family apparently aren’t completely onboard with this Lifetime movie so they’ve denied the studio the use of Whitney’s voice for the film that’s currently in production. Making a movie about one of the most influential and recognizable voices of our time without being able to actually use that artist’s voice sounds like a total production nightmare right? Luckily for us, Bassett and co. got the next best thing to Whitney to step in and tackle those powerhouse vocal like no one else could… DEBORAH COX has been cast as Whitney’s singing voice.

I honestly could not think of a better person to honor the late, great diva! Sure we have Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce and all these other Whitney Houston wannabes but Deborah’s voice, in my humble opinion, is the closest thing we have to Whitney!  Ok, maybe Beyonce is a close second but Deborah has actually recorded a duet with Whitney before so it’s only proper to keep it in the family!

I was only half interested in the movie before but now with the surfacing of this terrific news… I’m a really excited to see how it turns out!! And I pray to the God of DJs to get some stellar official remixes out of the new Deborah/Whitney covers!! I hope you’re listening production team… Whitney would want it to happen!!

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Video Premiere: The Ting Tings – Wrong Club

by: Taj | July 15th, 2014 | 2 Comments »

The Ting Tings are back after a hefty hiatus! Their new single “Wrong Club” is a breeze summer jam that follows closely in the footsteps of the 70′s dance-pop revival Daft Punk made popular with their hit “Get Lucky“. Check out the just released music video which features lead singer Katie White in a way we’ve never seen her before… As a wild haired, cat suit donning dance diva! Seriously, it’s a whole new Katie for a whole new era! Get into it… I already am!

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Video Premiere: Paris Hilton – Come Alive

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Paris Hilton has just unveiled the visual for her new single “Come Alive“. There isn’t a whole lot to say about the video other than it’s exactly what you would expect from a pop-star heiress! A lot of pink, a lot of flowers, angel wings, a unicorn and a excessive closeups! Is it just me or is it very reminiscent of Rihanna’sOnly Girl (In The World)“?